Saturday, February 18, 2017


        I have written on this topic in 2013 in one of the blogs . But there were several reasons , that I thought that I will write about it again. i have seen several commercials on TV from National Franchises  and I have heard several radio shows sponsored by people or centers that do weight loss main service, It is a multi Billion Dollars industry.If one considers obesity as a disease then the 5 year 'cure' rate is almost zero.
         When I talk to patients and they are on one or another weight loss program I will always ask as to what exactly they are told or what exactly is the 'plan'. One of the local program which claims to have 'fat loss' than just weight loss, and I agree with the concept that fat loss is more important that just 'weight loss' , I found out that patients are put on 600 calorie  diet, it was not a surprise that patients lost weight . They are asked to not bother doing exercise and are asked to drink lots of water. The water drinking is good idea , but not 4000 ml to 5000 ml. And what about exercise? The studies have shown that overweight patients who engage in exercise on regular basis do much better than normal weight patients who do not do any exercise. So doing exercise even if it did not make any difference in weight loss , it MUST be done. So to advice that no need to do exercise and weight loss with 600 calories , even if it is only for short time , is not good advice.
        I also saw a news, that the scientists were working on a 'pill' which will do the job of exercise. I am not sure I would opt for it instead of real exercise. But I did see a study in which they put normal weight people and obese patients on low or starvation diet and then high calorie diet . The metabolic rate was measured at base line and then with starvation diet and also with high calorie diet. What they found out was what lot of us who have difficulty with weight loss. Both the groups reduced metabolic rate with starvation diet , but obese patients did drop metabolic rate much lower than normal weight patients. And when they were on high calorie diet , the metabolic rate raised much higher in normal weight patients than obese patients. So in short obese patients tend to, 'conserve 'calories more than normal patients under any condition -starvation or high calorie diet condition. This may be the explanation why some patients gain weight just with smell of food while others eat and have no weight gain.
       In spite of all these studies the principles of weight loss remain same.
1 One must have intake less than output.
2 Body fat loss is more important than just weight loss.
3 Muscles burn calories , fat cells do not .
4 So building muscle mass is crucial in long term weight loss.
5.Big muscles 'spend ' more calories.
6. One must do a program ' of diet and exercise that he or she can 'stick with for rest of the life.

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