Saturday, September 8, 2012


      I did state about he God particle in past. The so called God particle is the Higgs Boson . I am not sure what it is , but certainly it is not God particle , in sense of it being God , It does not have charge or spin , but has weight . So it may be something that has some quality , and the GOD is 'without any quality'. ' 
      There are 2 other things that caught my eye, one is 'dark energy ' and the other is 'dark matter'. When I was thinking about both of them , I thought of their qualities and if it came close to anything that scripture describes . So let me start by saying that in scriptures , the space was created first, then the air , then the energy , then the water and lastly the earth. Each one of them have quality or qualities of the previous ones .e.g. the earth has all 5 qualities like one can see it, taste it, smell it , feel it ,and here it . The space is not abscence of 'everything' or'' nothing'' .But is something active.  When Hubble was looking at the space , universe , he observed that the galaxies were moving away from us . This was not as much a surprise as was the observation that the distant galaxies were moving faster than the nearer ones . If the distance was double ,then the speed was double. e.g. 100 million light years away galaxy was moving away at the speed of 5.5 million Miles per hour.while 200 million light years away galaxies were speeding away at 11 million miles per hour.The  logical conclusion was that the universe is expanding. The question is why ? When the matter present in the entire universe was measured it turned out that it was barely 5 % of what would be needed to explain this expansion .( one needs energy or matter to have such an expansion ). The invisible energy is called the 'dark energy' . (the matter which is not seen , but is present and contributes about 24 % of this is called Dark matter . )
          The dark energy has certain qualities . It is dark . means we can't see it , as it does not 'react' with any matter at all.It is distributed in the universe equally. or smoothly.. That means the presence of big or small objects or galaxies does not make a difference in the concentration . It is 'same ' all over.And lastly , even with the universal expansion , it does not get 'diluted '.That means the amount of dark energy continues to be same all the time and  every where.
        So now that we know the properties of the dark energy, does it have any similarity with anything that we know? If we think about the 3 'bodies ' that are described in the vedic religion , we know that there is 'causal ' body, there is 'astral ' bodyand there is 'physical ' body . When I talk about the body , I am talking about everything IN THE UNIVERSE , that has 3 bodies . That means there are 3 plains one is causal , one is astral and one is physical . We all can see and feel the physical universe . But we DO NOT SEE OR FEEL the astral or causal universe . The causal part of the universe is nothing but the 'energy'. If we narrow down the observation to our own human body , we know that inside the physical body , we have astral body, which is identical to the physical body , except that it does not have physical elements . It still has eyes , ears ,etc and also has mind , ego , intellect etc. Inside this astral body,  is CAUSAL body. The causal body is the Cause of the 2 other bodies . It is the source of the energy, for the 2 other bodies . To explain this , let me take an example of the computer. I am writing this blog , The energy needed to run this computer, is coming from the battery , but if the battery runs out , I have to 'recharge ' it . So I plug it in wall outlet for the electricity. But the electricity does not come from wall outlet, it comes from the power company, The power is generated from various sources. The power for the human body or the entire universe comes from the GOD. this the 'hidden ' ,'unssen' energy , we can  'feel' it,which means we have indirect proof of it but can't see it ,It does not react with matter ,( enenthough the causal body is inside the astral body , it is not affected by it), it does not get diluted , and it is equally present in same concentration all over the universe . So to me the dark energy is the CAUSAL energy of the causal universe .

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