Tuesday, January 1, 2013


        Year 2013 started today . I do wish -like everybody else , that this will be better than last one or for that matter any other year in past . Like the saying ,"better is yet to come ." But then a thought came to my mind . We are keeping a count , since we know . But is it really a year 2013 or is it 2million and something or 2 or 10 or 15 billion and some thing ?According to one thought there are 'YUGAS ' and these continue for ever .  some lasting for 475000 years. The other thought was that as the earth moves around the Sun, the entire solar system moves around a different star, in 60000 years . So this is divided in to 30000 each way . I have no idea as to what is reality, and it really does not matter .
       So what is Happiness ? Or to be more specific , what makes one happy . Many of us know the story of 'happy man and his shirt '. If you don't know it , here is a short version . There was this king , who had everything that we think can give happiness . He had power , money , and good family and loving citizens . But he was not happy . So he invited many doctors . Each one advised a medicine . None made any difference. Lastly a new doctor came and told him that if he could were a shirt worn by a 'happy man ' , he would be cured . The king sent all his men to look for the happy man . When they asked a question , "are you happy ?" . then answer was discouraging . Some one was sick or family member was sick or they had lost job or had no money or had some other problem . The king's men could not find anyone who was happy . Finally in desperation they went out of town . The saw a man sitting on a stone , looking at the water of arrive , the sun was rising and this man was sitting there , doing nothing . So he was asked the same question .His answer was , "Yes I am happy ." surprised them . The took him to the king . The king asked him the same question , are you happy and he said yes . So then the king asked him to give his shirt. The man replied that he did not have one . This was a surprise to the king , but soon he realised what the doctor was trying to convey .
        The happiness is a state of mind and not of body . The happiness is not in external source but is internal to our mind . If the happiness came from the outside sources , then the 10th slice of pizza should give same happiness as 1st or everybody would love opera or classical or hard rock music . Or rape would be as pleasant as regular sex . Now it is clear that the happiness is the state of mind . AND SO I HOPE THAT WE ALL WILL ACHIEVE IT IN YEAR 2013 !!!!!!!

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