Thursday, August 1, 2013


      I was reading the chapter 18 of the Bhagawat  Geeta , and I was stunned by the shloka 66. In this shloka the Lord Krishna states that "let go all other Dharmas, and remember me alone .I(If you do that ), I will free you from all sins .Do not grieve . "
      I am not sure why  all the scriptures are written in symbolic way, as anyone can interpret it as he or she wishes . Does this not sound like any other religion ?The christens believe that Christ is the only God and the savior , the Muslims believe that the Allah is the only God and Christ is 'messenger ' and every other religion believes that their religion is the only  one and their God is the only God to be worshiped , For me there is one more problem . When the Lord states that if you surrender to the God , then all the sins will be forgiven, then what happened to the Law of Karma . Does this not sound like the God father , if you surrender to Him , then he will 'take care ' of every thing . Is He claiming that the Hinduism is the ONE that everyone should follow and not worry about any other religion? From what I know about the Hinduism , it can not be the correct meaning.
      If my understanding of the real religion is correct , than this does not sound correct . Every one must pay the price for the action either in this life or next or next . If you read the life of Lord Krishna , , he had to repay all the debt , before he died .( as he was born as a human being). We also believe that everyone has a choice . We can follow different paths , and all the paths will meet the same goal of reaching Him . We can follow the path of knowledge , or devotion , or action , and we will achieve the same goal .So then how can one God be better or stronger or forgiving etc?\
      Let me try to explain . There are many meanings of Dharma . One of the meaning is the religion . But we also use it in other ways . When I say that the wood floats on the water as it is it's dharma or Gunadharma . The Snake will bite , even if you do not harm or threaten it as 'it is his Gunadharma ' , the character  or  nature . We also talk about the Dharma in other sense . I have a dharma to be a good father  or good husband or good son or good neighbor and a good citizen etc . So I have various duties , which sometimes are referred as Dharma . I have to follow these all different duties , as otherwise I am committing sin . One may say that in the same connection that for me to be a good husband or son or a family man , I must make money , have sex , 'collect' thing etc So these are our different Dharmas . The lord id telling us that ultimately one has to forget all these things , then and than only we can achieve Him . Does this mean we should not do any of the duties ? No . It means that we should do all the duties , but not get attached or involved or may be at one or other time 'give it up ' .We get attached to all these Dharmas ,and believe that it is our true nature . The LORD is telling us to forget it all and think about HIM and only HIM .Then all our sins that may occur when we don't do our duties , will be wiped out. Again he is not advising us to forget our duties . He wants us to consider our only 'real' duty to be one with Him .We mistakenly think that our body is our soul and so we feel that we must full feel it's desires etc . 
     The law of Karma will apply , but if we do things , act without the attachment , then the law of karma does not affect us . So if we continue to do our daily duties , without the attachments , we will not have committed  any sin I can describe this time of behavior in one line --one of the old song of Raj Kapoor , MUD MUD KE NA DEKH . . Enjoy the  good food , good music good beauty , but don't get attached , or turn around and think about it and get attached .

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