Saturday, November 30, 2013


   I was reading a book . This one I had heard about sometimes ago and scanned it at one time . But I did not read it till few weeks ago . It is written by an Indian lady , Bhawanagari and the title of the book is The Laws of The Spirit world .This is some what unusual story . The author's two sons died in a automobile accident . Then she came to know from some one that the 2 sons wanted to talk to her . So they did what is called auto writing . The mother would put the pen to the paper and then it would write automatically . Sometimes she would ask questions and the sons or the spirits would answer .The book is interesting and makes one think .It supports some my thinking or or understanding . AT times it does not support my understanding . For example I thought that the way in which we come back is due to our Karmas and our attachments , and the way in which we are born in a particular family is due to our 'debt ' to other people and a chance for us to repay the debt . It also is conducive to have effects of  our Karma come to fruition . So it is very likely that we may have our relationships continue in next life as our attachments and debt is maximum with our close family members .Due to our attachments we really have no 'choice' in rebirth . But according to this book ,spirits have a choice and if they do not want to be reborn , they don't have to . The only reason they come back in physical world is to improve the soul .I can understand the latter part , that in spirit world we can not improve or uplift our soul quickly as we do not have physical body . Think about it . When we help some one on the earth , majority of the time we are helping the physical need . i.e. giving food to hungry , or providing shelter to homeless or helping sick .All these things involve physical or bodily help . It does not do anything to uplift spirit. So if we do not have physical body , how can we help to 'score ' good points to uplift ourselves ?
   The part that I do not agree is the one where it states that if we do not want to be born , we don't have to and that we can 'select ' our new mother ( not the father ).I thought that we 'develop ' 'debt' to each other and develop attachments , this is the 'force ' that brings us back in the same network of people . So in essence we will have same circle of people in each life to which new ones are added and some are deleted . The cycle ends when the sum of all the attachments is zero . and we do not have any desires left at the time of death . The book does not say any of these things .
   It has more moral laws and describes the spirit world which is similar to our world on the earth . It has hall of rest and a hall of learning and it ha s a record keeping place . I do not agree with this type of structure . Any way I think the book is good and it makes one think about our own life and behavior. 

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