Sunday, January 12, 2014


   We just had a new year started . The year 2014 . HAPPY NEW YEAR . When I was thinking about it , I thought about the concept of the Time . According to modern science and based on Einstein's theory , the time is not constant . It is affected by motion and by the various forces , namely the gravitational force . Just to give couple of 'known ' and 'unknown ' examples will suffice.If on travels in a today's airplane , and takes a watch , and similar watch is left on the earth , the time that the two watches will show will be different . The watch that is carried in moving plane will be slower than the one on ground.The difference is so minute that we may not be in position to realize it , but if the speed of the plane is close to the speed of light , then the difference will be obvious . So the time 'lapsed ' is not constant , but changes . This is one example of variable time . The second one is related to the gravitational force . If one could stay at "event Horizon "  of a black hole for say a year , then the time lapsed on the earth will be thousands of years . So you will be older by one year , and rest of the people will have noticed thousands of years gone . ( the event horizon is the closest one can get to the black hole , without getting sucked in by the enormous gravity , which will tear everything if you get any closer . )So this the concept of the time to the modern science .
     Now the Hindu concept . Time never stops . But the cycles which continue have been meticulously calculated . This also gives us some concept of origin of the universe and it's end and then the beginning of another cycle .In Hindu scripture , the existence of the universe is calculated i different segments . There are 4 YOOGAS, YOOG is singular . They are as follows , SATYA, TRETA , DWAPAR AND KALI . We are in the last of the 4 , Kali YUGO . Each of these yooga last for different years . the Satya , 1728000 years , the Treta , 1296000, the Dwapar for 864000, and the Kali Yooga for 432000 years . So far we have completed 5113 years of the Kali Yooga . 4 yoogas make on PARYAY. (4320000 years ) The current Paryay is 28th Paryay .It is called Shwetawarah -Paryay. 71.4285 Paryay will make one MANWANTAR. The current Manwattar is the 7th Manwantar  14 Manwantar will make ONE DAY OF THE CREATOR  CALLED BRAHMA It is also called KALPA .
  The the cycle of universe continues as long as it is the day of Brahma . The universe is 'unmanifested when the Creator is sleeping . Then when he wakes up the universe is manifested and the cycles continue .
    I am not sure if this real or not , but for sure I am fascinated by the thought process and the concept of time that these ancient Rhishis had .

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