Saturday, May 31, 2014


     It is often said that something appears to be such and such , but the reality is ----different.In Hindu scriptures it is stated the truth is one and wise men interpret it differently.But when we use the term reality or truth it differs in different conditions. Let me start with a joke that I had heard . There were 4 people travelling in a train. There was a young girl and two young males and a older woman. As the train entered a tunnel , the lights went out briefly. There was a sound of kissing and it was followed by a slapping sound. The older woman thought that one of the boys tried to kiss the girl and she slapped him . This was her reality. One of the boys thought that the 'other'boy kissed the girl and the girl slapped me . That was his truth. The girl thought that how stupid these boys are . Here I am young and beautiful and these boys are kissing the old lady, So that was her reality.AND the real (!) 'reality' was that one of the boys kissed his own hand and then slapped the other boy.So what appears to be such and such , may not be so .So then one may say that if we 'see' something , then we know as to the reality. But then look at the sky. It is blue .So is it real blue? But then we know that the reason sky 'appears ' to be blue is due to certain color bands being reflected . And some one's shirt is red , is it really red . If you ask a colorblind person ,he will not agree with you . Then when we look at something through eyes of a chameleon it will be a broken image , hundreds of them . So what is a reality.So whose "reality" is true or real ?
     But there is more to the truth or reality. When the Hinduism declares that this world is not and there is only one real thing or truth,they are not talking about the thing that we see or the sound that we hear and so on.The definition of the reality or the truth is that thing that does not change , is the truth or the reality . So if I look at a dog , and to me it is real. But is it changing? If it changes then it can not be the truth ,as the truth does not change .The dog is changing every second, even if we can not perceive it until certain time is lapsed . We are getting old , but we can not recognise it till few years are gone . So this can not be the truth.So there has to be something which does not change from time to time.In this world , we see different things and every one of them is changing from second to second.But all these things have to come from something . That something can not be reality, if it changes in to different things . So if the entire universe came from the singularity, it can not change in to multiple things,So if we see different things , there is something behind them which is the reality . Something that we can not see or hear it or smell it or touch it . But it is there . And that is the reality . That is the truth.It is beyond our sense perception , it is beyond out mind's imagination and it is beyond our intelligence. Only thing that we can do is perceive it , by what means , I do not know .

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