Sunday, June 8, 2014


    I do believe in luck , bad (or for that matter good ) karma.I definitely believe in reincarnation . I still do not have answers to all the situation in life and can explain the out come or the so called bad luck that we all see and sometimes experience .Granted that if we bring in the law of Karma in bad situations  then we will be considered 'cruel' or not sympathetic . But in spite of all the problems that we would face trying to explain everything, I still believe in the law of karma . The reason I thought of all this when I met a patient of mine in the hospital recently.
   I had seen this patient , who is now over 70 years or so. I had seen her for abnormal X-ray chest almost 20 years ago. The further work up showed that she had lung cancer and then it was operated,with resection of the cancer. It was completely resected and she did not need any further treatment.I continued to do the follow up as there is always chance of recurrence and also the chance of second cancer. So she continued to come to me . In the couple of years that she came to me , she lost the job and then lost the health insurance.I still continued to see her and in fact diagnosed to have new onset of high blood pressure and did treat it. I had to treat her as her primary did not see her when she lost the insurance .
    One of these days I saw her in the hospital. She was not a patient ,but was visiting someone. The patient that I was seeing had lupus and renal failure and was on dialysis. She also had circulation problem and needed amputation. She was 30 years old and was bed bound and was in a nursing home.As it turned out she was daughter of my patient.
    I was seeing a another patient in the office that I had started seeing for only last 6 or 8 months. This was a 35 years old female who had chronic cough. As it turned out she had a another connective tissue disorder (lupus is one such ),called scleroderma. She had developed scar tissues in lung due to scleroderma and also had elevated pressure in lungs called pulmonary hypertension. She was bad and I started treating her , but with the young age I referred her to lung transplant program.She refused.So I was treating her , but I knew that her prognosis was very poor.SHE ALSO TURNED OUT TO BE MY PATIENT'S DAUGHTER!.
    So my patient had lung cancer and had 2 daughters who had bad disease, bad enough that they were likely to die soon. And they were all seen by me . I did not mention one more daughter that also had connective tissue disorder which was not bad ,
    The question that I have is "is this Karma ?"Is this shear chance? or all this was interconnected with each other with the circle of karma and the debt that all of us collect with interpersonal relationships in our 'every' life !!!!!
  I don't know the answer, but may be you do.

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