Sunday, July 20, 2014


       I was attending a lecture on Hinduism.The swami coated a shloka from the Bhagawat Geeta, in which the lord Krishna says that whenever there is disappearance of the religious values and increase in non virtuous  behavior., the Lord comes to the earth to 'save' the religion.This is called the AVATAR.In Hindu mythology , there are number of times that the God comes in this world to help good and take care of evil.The Indian believe that there are many saints or swami , who are reincarnation of the lord or Avatar. But there are 10  Avatars which are well known . These are called  Dash avatar. The  God can come in any form in this world. It does not have to be in human form. This concept is seen only in Hinduism and not in any other religion . This may be due to the Indian concept that the everything that is in this world has reflection of the God. Let me explain . If we believe that this entire universe was created by the God and there is nothing which came without him, then everything has to come from him , which means everything has to have HIM in it. I van make a wooden  table. Then I can get a piece of wood, which is not part of me and make a table out of it . The wood is not part of my body . But if the God made the wood , it has to come out of Him as there is nothing outside of Him.So it is not surprising that the Avatars are of various kinds and not all are in human forms.
       So how do you explain this . Well there are various types of Avatars, We believe that all of us of the element of the God, so when someone gets to a higher level, or becomes a Saint, then he is like Avatar, but not a complete Avatar. They are 'born ' to increase the understanding of the religion and increase the good behavior.Then the Avatars like we have the forms which are less than Human beings , are also Avatars . But they are on the earth for only one purpose ans again are not 'complete' Avatars.But what is interesting about the ten Avatars. The first is a FISH form , the second is the TURTLE, the third is Varah , and fourth is mix form of LION and Human.(called NARASINH), then is VAMAN, then is PARSHURAM , then is RAM , and then is Krishna and then BUDHDHA  then is KALA KI.It is interesting to know that in every cycle, there were human beings. But the form that the GOD came in to save the world, was in different forms .Please remember that the there Avatars were not complete . So the 1st one was in form of fish, the 1st life form that came on the earth. The second was the form of turtle , evolution from the aquatic form . The third was an animal form , further evolution , then came half man -half animal , the Narasinh,.Then came a short human being, another evolution, then was the human being with weapons, the Parshuram , then was the king RAMA , another step in evolution.Then was the Lord KRISHNA. So there appears to be a progression in the different forms , almost like what is described in Davin's theory of evolution. I am not sure if this just by chance or well thought out progression or REALLY, REALLY what happened.
       I just wanted to tell you that this is not my idea, but I had read it some where and thought that it was thought provoking . And if the HINDUS thought about this many years ago , they certainly knew about the evolution , long time before the Davin thought about it.The difference between HINDUIS and other religions is that , Hindus believe that all of us have element of the GOD , and all of us have ability to as close to the GOD as was JESUS. Certainly it is not easy and not even one in million may get to it , but in the world of quantum world, where everything is based on probability, we can be as good as JESUS, may not be in this life , but may be in 100 lives down the road.

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