Sunday, January 18, 2015


In the last blog I wrote about the health and social problems that occur with the advanced age .This one is different one . As long as the human being are there we have this problem. Many years ago I had read or seen a video of a clip describing difference between men and the women . It stated that the majority of the female brain was occupied with chocolate and shopping and in males it is sex and football . The exaggeration aside , this has some truth in it. This obsession of men (not all ) is the AGE OLD problem that I was talking about. The story that I am going to tell is one such story.
     I had seen this 68 years old male patient , who had cancer of the lung diagnosed about 18 months ago . It was inoperable , and so was treated with chemo therapy and then radiation. He developed some weakness in the right arm and so the work up was done and a brain metastasis was detected. They were going to treat it with gamma knife, but then due various other reasons,he needed to be taken to surgery and had the tumour removed from the brain .He received additional radiation treatment to prevent any recurrence that may occur after the surgery . He was admitted to the hospital with fever and was found to have blood infection and was started on treatment . He needed 6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics. But when the antibiotics was stopped , he had fever up to 103 and came to ER. He had 103 F fever and his blood pressure was little low around 98mm. He obviously had another blood infection.(in the next few days it was determined that he had not only blood infection , but also infection on his heart valves.)I saw him in the ER and was talking to the ER nurse about his various problems . He had some difficulty passing urine and needed to be have a catheter put in .So when I told the nurse about his diagnosis of inoperable cancer and brain spread and needed surgery and additional radiation and the sepsis, she made a comment that struck me . She said ,"But that did not stop him from hitting on me ".He had asked her out for a dinner date !.
   I do understand the positive attitude and the benefits even in inoperable cancers , but this was more than just positive attitude.

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