Saturday, November 21, 2015


     I was visiting India and did not have a chance to do much on the blog . But before I left for my trip, the political season in US was in full force . When I was in India there was election in state of BIHAR . What struck me the most was that INDIA and the USA are 2 large democracies and though the population and the nature of the constituents is different, the overall there was more similarity than differences. I also noticed that the news media , at least print media is liberal or progressive and people who are interested in 'status co' are liberal . This parallels my experience in US. Before I left , I was asked by one liberal doctor, 'which one of the jokers in GOP you are supporting?' These so called jokers included very successful governors who had turned around the economy in theit states , there were doctors and CEO. But that was not enough for this doctor and no matter what,  he was going to support the other party candidate , no matter who so ever it might be . I did not say a word., as I KNEW THAT NO MATTER WHAT I SAY I CAN NOT CHANGE HIS MIND .
       I also realizes this when I read a book written by one Indian auther who is considered very intelegent and smart . He was CEO of many companies and has written several books . One of the books that I read was MUSAFIR - A TREVELER . I happen to read it He collects several books on a subject and then does a abstract writing . , He also wrote a book on economics . Certainty his presentation is brilliant . But views are one sided. He is not an economist and has travelled to many countries but not lived out side India. . The opinions that one can form by watching CNN and ABC , CBS AND MSNBC are going to be very different than one that are formed by Fox news audience . One can not employ same tactics to improve economy in USA as they would do it it in India or Brazil. I have seen the 'misery index economy ' and seen the supply side economics work . So when one argues that it does not work I will not agree in late 70es and early 80es . I also the effects of cutting taxes .. I think it may not work in India , But I thought that by writing a lengthy e mail explaining how it DID WORK or how it may work would change his mind , But I was wrong One can not do brain surgery by reading a book on brain surgery. It is easy to write a book and form an opiniop on the topics that one has never experienced .But it is very difficult to accept that one could be wrong . . So I conclude that ONE CAN NOT ACHANGE ANYBODIES MIND , EXCEPT MAY BE BY OFFERING BRIBE .
      I also saw similar opinion on the election in India . People that I thought were good and educated and honest were supporting corrupt politicians . I could not believe when one 25 years old asked me how I would define Bribe . On top of that he was defending the bribe by saying that the one who takes bribe has to also give bribe and so he is helpless. Such a thought process is detrimental to the development of the country. I hope I was not seeing the majority and this will change .
      I KNOE THAT THIS A NON MEDUCAJ BLOG, But medical story on this topic in my  next blog..

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