Sunday, May 22, 2016


  I received a message from one of the reader of my blog, that liked one of my old blog entry on Mysticism in MAHABHARATA. So I was thinking about the mysticism not only in Hinduism , but also in Christianity.On the surface  many things that are written or said, appear to be open for interpretation or misinterpretation. The story of Adam and Eve.The question that I have is how valid is the statement that we are all sinner as we are born to Adam and Eve . This off course comes from the people who DO NOT believe in reincarnation.So Where do I come from and what sin did I commit that I am paying for it ? I do have explanation . But I will write about it latter. But today I thought about writing about the THE FATHER , THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST in CHRISTIANITY and the same thing in HINDUISM . You can tell me how wrong or correct I am after reading this blog.
    In Christianity they always talk about the Trinity . It is also said that The Jesus Christ was the SON and he will save us. But no one talks much about the origin of the universe. So the FATHER is the SAT, The SON is the TAT and the Holy Ghost is the AUM. The SAT means the Truth, the Unchangeable, the ever lasting. When one refers to something as REAL , it does not mean that in our conventional way . The computer that I am using is real to us and is not imagination . But it changes every second , even though we can not recognize it at that time.(We can see it very easily if we check it in a year or two. )So the SAT means one that does not change and from this SAT everything originated.  Thia is why it is the FATHER . The SON is the thing that comes out of the FATHER. But to start the universe we need to have ENERGY and the Matter. So the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or the SON which pervades everything in this universe is the TAT--THAT.The first word or the creative vibration. This is AUM or the HOLY GHOST. The matter is inert and has on spirit or energy and that comes from the SON or TAT The union between the SPRITE and the Matter leads to the beginning of the universe. The AUM is mentioned in the Bible as the 'In the beginning was the word and word was with the GOD 'So in Hinduism we talk about the first sound is AUM . The AMEN of Romans , Greeks, Egyptians, Jews and Christians the AMIN of Muslims , all are same as AUM .
    So The SUPREM GOD does not move and does not change and is the ulimate reality and is the origin of the universe is the FATHER OR THE SAT. The SON is the all pevading consciuosness or the Sprit or the energy or the TAT without which inert mattaer can not DO anything ,is the TAT. And lastly the HOLY GHOST is the AUM or the first sound or the matter or the mother nature.    

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