Sunday, August 14, 2016


     I love to read and I do get enough material to read. I like to keep in touch with new development in medicine . But in doing so I sometimes come across certain thins that come out of research that amazes me . It reminds me of one of the episodes of Seinfeld. In the episodes he says that some people want to find out cure for cancer or may be AIDS, while others find out seedless grapes !Some of the stories that I read belong to such class as seedless grapes . So let start on some of the medical things that I have seen or heard in last few months.
    The FDA approved a drug few months ago for ---are you ready - for 'DOUBLE CHIN' .So this drug called 'KYBELLA'. So this drug which is given as injection to reduce the fat in double chin . As I read it , there was a mention that number of injection may be needed . The question popped in my mind how many would you need to reduce xxxx, never mind .
    The next one was seen by me as a study. Since I saw it I have told it to many of my patients and they all laughed and I was trying to find out for the reason for the results that the researcher got. These researcher did survey and followed patients with diabetes and other heath issues . The patients were asked if they thought that their 'spouses' were nagging . They were also asked to score the happiness in their married life . I am not sure how the nagging 'scores' were done , but the conclusion was very interesting . When the men the study felt that their wives were more nagging and  had negative opinion about the marriage, their diabetic control was better than in men who thought that their wives were not nagging and the married life was good . But exactly opposite was true  in women . So if the women thought that their husbands were more nagging and their married was not happy , their diabetic control was poor !
    I had some questions . How do you score nagging and how do you grade marriage . And may be the nagging wives will be more upset about keeping scores and saying that the marriage was not happy.! The reason for the result may that the wives's nagging may be causing the husbands to eat better and may be forced to exercise and that may help diabetes . On the other hand the wives when nagged and had less satisfaction in their marriages , ATE to relieve the tension and reduce frustration and so the diabetic control was poor .
     So now that I talked about the food and eating and overeating, let go to my next invention. So  do you realize that 86 % of African American women are overweight or obese ? This is also a major issue in Hispanic and whites . So recently FDA approved a device to help this. It is clear that we can not control our food intake . So this GENIUS came out with device . A tube is inserted in the stomach and it can be attached to suction . So you can eat anything and as much as you want . Then attach the stomach to suction and it will 'suck' it out before it is absorbed and adds inches and pounds to you.
    I have few more but may be in next blog.

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