Sunday, August 20, 2017


    I often come across stories about my patients and their families . I t is impossible to know the details of the family relations and the dynamics in short visit which is for medical follow up and not for psychiatric evaluations . But I am amazes at the different 'fate' that all of us have . With my interests in mystic 'sciences' like horoscope , I wonder about the Destiny and law of Karma . Why do people who do adopt children with good intentions have bad out come or fate where the adopted children do not behave with love and responsibility.

    In Hindu beliefs we have some explanation , but when I look at other religions , I do not know any explanations offered. In fact sometimes many questions remain unanswered. The Christianity believes that the Christ dies for our SINS . But how can HE die for the sins that I a doing now? So the answer could be that the GOD knows what sins I am going to do . But if that is true , then it means that I can not decide my own destiny and the the destiny is predetermined or fixed . If that is the case , then it means that I do not have any FREE WILL and then I can not be held responsible got he actions or the sins that I commit. This does not go well with the concept of the GOD .
    In contrast to that when we talk about the Law of the Karma, we talk about WE determining our DESTINY and the  destiny is in future and the Karma - good or bad -precede the destiny. So it does not involve the GOD .So we have free will. Some people will differentiate between the destiny and the future.So what is happening in immediate future is Destiny and what will happen in future is future. But sometimes we can not explain the bad out come of apparently good deed . How do you explain that ?The answer lies in the concept of Hindu religion . We believe that the Time is endless , it does not have the beginning nor end . The Universe comes in existence and it goes down to Unity -something that the science believes how the universe came to today's state .  The only difference is that theses cycles are endless . In fact they have calculated the time of each cycle. and surprisingly, it comes quite close to the calculations done by the scientist . So in these multiple cycles , we have multiple births and we are reincarnated. So the physical body dies , but the 2 other bodies , namely Astral and the Causal bodies continue along with the mind and the intellect and the ego and all the impressions and the desires and the attachments from ALL THE PREVIOUS LIVES. These attachments and the desires make US SELECT our parents or the environment that is conducive for satisfying them and paying back the debt of the bad karma or the SINS . So again God does not DO anything to punish us or die for our SINS but the Laws that have been created determine our destiny or future . We have free will and we can use it to change our future.
      So the effects of our Karma are going to be seen in our future and when we have them , we create new Karma and attachments and desires and that decides the future life and future lives . No one can suffer for us nor no one can take credit for our good actions . We get what we deserve , even though at times the things appear to be unfair. There is a tug of war between the effects of our previous deeds or Karma and our present efforts which comes out of our free will. The effect of the two is proportional to the strength of each force . If our free will is stronger than the effects of the karma our life will go in the different direction , than if the free will is weak . The we will see the full effects of our Karma .   

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