Saturday, November 18, 2017


           We had several mass killings in recent past and I was thinking about it . At the same time , I was reading Hindu script , which was written several hundred years before Christ.The one that I was writing about stated that 'IF ONE CAN CONCENTRATE UPON THE IMPRESSIONS THAT ARE CREATED BY THE KARMAS (FROM ALL THE LIVES)THEN HE/SHE CAN KNOW THE TIME OF DEATH." So this blog is about the Karma and it's effects . I have written about it in past.In Bible also it states that 'Reap as you Sow' The difference though is that in Hinduism, the seeds of Karma continue with multiple births and deaths , and the impressions of Karma or effects can occur in any life. This is different than the Christian belief  in which the effects ENDS with present life . So on the day of judgment , decision is made based on ONE life and if you have done more good than bad , then you go  to heaven and if have done more bad than good , you go hail . So every body is judged on the same day.So I am not sure as what happens in between . In Hindu concept the process is recurring and the NEXT life is based on all PREVIOUS lives. So when we continue to do Karma , we continue to accumulate the effects and this POT, full of all the Karmas that we have done in past lives , is called SANCHIT Karma . When we are born , we come with certain seeds or Karma that are going to come to fruition in Present life.This is called PRARBDHA  KARMA. We do more Karma in the present life and some of them will come to fruition in Present life and some will be stored as SANCHIT Karma to come to fruition in next lives.The current life Karma is called KRIAMAN Karma .
       In this law of Karma ,the EFFECTS or the Fruits of Karma occur AFTER the Karma is done . But in CHRISTIANITY when it is said that the Jesus died for our SINS , the Fruits happened before we did any sins or Karma.
       So for the Hindu concept of the Karma , the Karma has to precede the effects or the fruits of Karma , the effects of Karma ,can not be transferred to someone else ,(I can not suffer for the sins of my parents or my kids), there is no GROUP Karma . So when a group of people miss behave, EACH one has to get the fruits of his or her Karma and there is no group suffering due to group action. So in mass shooting each one of the victims had some unknown Karma from previous lives,that brought them to SAME DESTINY. The effects of the Karma is Recurring, and there is no final Judgment day.
       This concept is closely tied to the concept of reincarnation. One more difference is that just the Grace the God is not enough for getting rid of the Karma. Every one has to go through the effects of their Karma , the Surrendering unconditionally to GOD will help ,but not eliminate the effects . If one looks at the lives of many Indian saints , they all had very hard live,e.g.DNYANESHWAR,TUKARAM,MIRABAI . This has to do with completely neutralizing the effects of Karma from last ALL the lives , so there is freedom from rebirth. The only way to stop the KRIYAMAN karma -one that occurs with our every day life is to not be ATTACHED to the fruits -DO THE ACTION ,WITHOUT EXPECTING THE FRUITS OF THE ACTION.

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