Sunday, March 31, 2019


   Recently i came across some cases in my friends  and colleagues where I can not explain how  and why . Let me tell you on these patients . We recently lost a physician who was very young and had never smoked . He ad lung cancer and that did spread to brain and he died  in spite of all the treatments that he could get at various centers. Then there is elderly friend our our family who also never smoked and had lung cancer diagnosed. She is lucky and it was detected early and so she had surgery and it is in early stages  and there is good chance (Why good chance  and not 100 % chance ?) that she will be cured . And there was another case of a  cancer in a another physician who was completely unselfish , devoted her life to God  and community and again never smoked or had alcohol . She also dies of cancer. We all see this  and experience this in our life  and fail to understand why this happens.Some people ask me as to why some one gets cancer . And certainly there are definite causes and risk factors like smoking and also chemicals  and pesticides. In absence of obvious causes how do you explain the cancer and suffering that it brings in . And then why a stage 1 cancer is cured in some  and not in others . We have technology that can tell us -sometimes- as to who may recur  and who may not , buy not always So what is the answer to all these questions ?
      But I may have some possible explanation based on my faith and Law of Karma  and reincarnation. I am sure this will not be acceptable to all  and also those who may accept the Reincarnation also may have difficulty to explain why would someone get CANCER and suffering .
The Law of Karma states that EVERY Karma has a fruit  and one will ave to accept it sometimes -in this life or next or next. We are reborn for several reasons .
 1 We must pay the debt that we have accumulated with other individuals .
2 We have to have to accept the fruits of our actions
3 We must fulfill our unfulfilled desires  and we not do that without PHYSICAL BODY .
4 We need PHYSICAL body if we want to UPLIFT  our self . (when we help someone which is Good Karma - most or all of then are related to helping physical body , e.g. food shelter, sickness,or any comfort .
    So we must have physical body and to have NEW physical body after death of old physical body there has to be Rebirth. But then the question arises as to who wants to suffer  and who will have Desire to suffer ?
    To answer this one must understand that the Karma is done every second with MIND and BODY . When the two come together then the Karma is complete . The intention behind the MENTAL or Physical Karma will determine the Effect or the fruit . If I have transient bad thought about some one  and O do not ACT on then it may not or will not have ant fruit . But if I continue to have a thought ALL the time -say lust or some other it will create enough impression that I will have to fulfill it in pr there will be fruit to the thought. If I have a physical action which happened but there was no Thought behind it -I kick some one by accident and I had no intention of the kicking - I will not have much fruit , but if I have intention of kicking someone and I act on it , then I will have Fruit to it .
    One more thing to remember is that our PRESENT life is sum of effects of many Karmas  and not one Karma . So there are many forces and effects that determine the final effects  and so the FINAL EFFECT  may not be such that we can RECOGNIZE THE ORIGINAL KARMA - as it is sum of many karmas .
     This may explain the things that happen to us that we can not explain easily based on our ACTIONS in this life or even if we believe in Reincarnation , can not TRACE to one isolated Karma , that could have caused it .

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