Saturday, April 25, 2020


   Invention is not new to man kind. We often say ,'you don't have to invent wheel'. So the wheel was invented  and so many other things have been since then . The reason for me writing about the invention is nothing other than COVID . I am amazed at the new things that have been tried - invented due to COVID. But when I look at my own past I realized that all of us do some adapt to the circumstances  and in doing that we try different things. We do not always call it invention.I remember,when i learned about different chemical agents  and how they affect different things, i had thought of their use other than what they were used for. Benzine -a chemical agent dissolves fat. So I had thought about injecting it in fat belly and then after it has dissolved the fat , we can 'Drain' out the benzine  and fat  and that will give quick solution to obese  and stubborn  fat belly . Certainly I was 16 at that time  and had no clue of how toxic that would be.Then when i started learning about the vaccines  and I came to know the breast cancer in younger females , I thought of injecting Extract of resected breast tumor  and injecting in horse to het antibody containing serum, that would be effective in treating cancer. Certainly I had very little idea about tumor antigenicity and difficulties with such a naive idea . But we are doing something similar now with cancer immunotherapy.
    Then when I started my practice of medicine in Florida I came across a patient who had aspirated a tablet . The hospital did not have foreign body removal basket. So I ended up using ureter stone removal to do the job. ( ureter is duct that connect kidney to bladder) I was successful.
   You might be wondering why I am talking about this now. With COVID  I have seen so many new things that I can not even imagine why some one would think in that direction. When we had issue with ventilators in NY or we thought we may have issue about ventilators some physicians came with ONE VENTILATOR for 2 PATIENTS . In may earlier practice I had used 2 VENTILATOR for 1 PATIENT when one lung was very stiff as it was badly affected  and other was relatively normal. I am not sure if this was done by some one , but certainly not often for sure. So 1 ventilators for 2 patient was a novel idea  and it could work only because we have sophisticated ventilators. This would not have worked 20 years ago.
    The number of drugs that have been tried. I am not sure why these drugs were even considered . I can understand using any ANTIVIRAL DRUG as COVID is a VIRUS. But drug used for malaria or drug used for rheumatoid arthritis - the Hydroxychloroquine ? Why would some one consider it is beyond my imagination- and I know why it was considered . But I would have never thought of it . It gave us some hope  and as news media waited to prove how it will not work to create news or to blame the supporter of it's use, I have seen number of physicians use it  and use it successfully in earlier stage of the disease. (I will direct those of you who are interested to see my TOU TUBE VIDEO -JUST A TALK  to see why theses studies that did not show success are not the best studies)
   So I came across another idea that may have been the reason why President was talking about disinfecting from Inside . A biotech company from Cider Sinai, has come out with use of UV light . The Ultra violet light A has potential to kill bacteria and viruses. So how do you you get that UVA in the lungs? They have a catheter that has UVA emitting capability  and that is inserted through the breathing tube of the patient that is on ventilator. This is called by them as HEALIGHT . I am not sure if they have any data treating patient  and viral load measurement etc But certainly my hats off to the scientist who come out with inventions.
    A drug which is used in dogs for worm infestation called IVERMECTINE . So this has been used to treat COVID  and not much data on it .But I am ot sure why some one even think about using a medicine used in dogs  and that too for worms  and not for viral infection. But some one did !  

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