Saturday, June 13, 2020


    When we look at the God or the so called Brahmam id described as all pervading, limitless omnipresent etc In the religious words, it has no limit from what is called DESH,-KAL,-VYAKTI -means space ,time and identification.As one can imagine everything anything that we know has space limitation , time limitation and specific identification limitation.But the God or Brahmam has none of these limitation.What is chair is not a pot is the last limitation.. In these days we feel the same about covid  and that brings me to the story of patient for today.
    I was called to see this 67 years old male for shortness of breath and a clot in lungs. He was a male patient who had no history of smoking or drinking alcohol and had history of well controlled high blood pressure. He had some calf pain few days ago and then on the day of admission. He used to walk 3 miles  and he started having shortness of the breath and so he decided to come to hospital. He also had right sided chest pain and he had then CT chest  and that showed large clot in the right lung and some on left side as well. He had history that his daughter had coagulation factor problem and she has significant clots  and was in ICU few years ago. So the siblings  and parents were tested  and he had same problem but he was not treated for the problem as he did not have any problem .So from the history of his own illness and the history of the coagulation problem  and also the ct chest it was clear that he had pulmonary embolism  and he had it most likely due to certain coagulation factor problem. He had no fever and no cough and no exposure to anybody with covid  and he had no symptoms of upper respiratory infection. So he really did not have anything to suggest COVID infection. But one of the things that we know is that in patients with covid , they do get blood clots . So automatically test for covid was ordered . This meant that he will be transferred to the floor where the hospital kept all covid and suspected covid patients . The test takes sometimes 2 days to get results . HE REFUSED. He did not want to be on covid ward while waiting for the results .
    So now the question came up as to what to do .We have been so much afraid of covid - rightly so in many instances that we are going overboard  and have lost all the common sense. I saw a cardiologist washing potato chips bag and a salad dressing single serving bag. So the covid is like God pervading all our actions  and seems to present every where !

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