Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indian Gods and mythology of Mahabharat

There are many stories in Hindu Mythology , and not all of them make sense -at least to one who is looking from outside, without knowing symbolism used in these stories.Take for example story of Lord Ganesha's birth . Parwati, Lord Shankara's wife created Ganesh to keep a watch while she was taking shower. When lord Shankara comes in , he does not recognise Ganesh . Ganesh does not allow him to get in . So Lord Shankara  fights and he kills Ganesh . When Parwati realises this , she wants Shankara to bring back Ganesh to life.Shankara sends his Gana to get new head for Ganesh , .they get an elephant's head and Lord Shankara attaches it , to the Ganesha's body and thus Gajanan --one with elephant head is born .This story has too many questions , why did Parwati need protection , why did Shankara - who is God , did not recognise his own son , how can you justify killing of child -Balhatya, and animal -Pashuhatya ..  why did they not attach Ganesha's own head, rather than looking for and getting elephant head, etc I do not pretend to know the answer , but have some thoughts. Lord Shankara and Parwati are typical Indian couple Gods--along with Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi, Lord Brahma and Saraswati . Brahma is creator , Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer.To  create one needs knowledge , to sustain one needs money and to destroy one needs strength. So these Gods and their wives are gods and goddesses of knowledge , money and strength. So when Parwati created Ganesh, who represents source of power. He is controller deity of lowest chakra the Muladhar chakra. This one --needs strength to open -conquer, so Ganesh needs to be strong. The strongest animal --stronger than man is elephant, so symbolically we have elephant head , the head represents Ahankar , so the Lord Shankara cut it off. Since Muladhar  chakra is first to to be conquered Lord Ganesha is worshiped first.

There are many stories in Mahabharata. that do not make any sense . The Mahabharata's story starts with King shantanu  falling in love with Ganga . She agrees to be married  with one condition , that Shantanu  would never question her decision . Once they are married she has a baby  which she drows in ganges. Shantanu can not ask any question. But when she does it repeatedly, he questions her motive. So she leaves with her son . This is Bhishma. Then Shantanu falls in love with Matsyagangha--Satyawati. She was fisherman's daughter and had odor of fish. She had a child with Parashar rhishi  named Vyas, one who wrote The Mahabharat. Satyawati agrees to marry Shantanu only if her son would become the King after Shantanu. so Bhishma  promosis  never to claim for the throne and never to get married , so there would be no question of his children claiming kingship. Satywati has 2 children , one dies and other one is impotent. So Bhishma snatches 2 women and forces them to marry his stepbrother.Vyas sires Pandu and Drutharastra --one white and on blind . Drutharastra has 100 kids and they are Kaurawas and Pandu has 5 kids--padawas. These are taught by Dronacharya on e who is borne in  drona- pot made out of dry leaves.Pandawas  all 5 of them marry one princes Draupadi as their mother tells them to share whatever Arjuna has one . So there is no value to women , they can be treated as object of pleasure . This all does not make any sense . So how can we make any any valid meaning out of this mess?

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