Saturday, January 14, 2012

Symbolism in Mahabharat

As mentioned before there are too many stories in Mahabharata , that can not be explained on the basis of commonsense . So on e has to understand how this was thought about . The explanation that I am writing is one that was given by Paramahansa Yogananda. Shantanu in the story of Mahabharata is the Parabrahma --or the Creator. At the beginning of the universe He split in to matter and the energy . The primordial nature is Satyawati--as matter, while Ganga represents the consciousness---also called Chaitanya or the energy. ( It will be the Holy Ghost ) . From chatanya Universal Ego or Ahankar is born --this self consciousness which reflection of universal consciousness. The 6 drowned children are the governing intelligence of 3 universes, each having micro and macro forms . These are not obvious so they are 'drowned'. All pervading one is 7th and Bhishma , the universal ego is 8th one .  As God is singularity and he has to create universe which is separate from him , He must cloak this consciousness in relativity --this is Vyas. When Vyas marries Ambika- doubt Druthrashtra is born . When he marries positive discriminating faculty --Ambalika -Pandu is born. Pandu represents. Buddhi--intelligence , so he 'white ' as pure is white. Drutarashtra is blind as he represents Mind which is blind . Bhishma had power that he could determine when he would die , ego can die only when you want it to die , no one can kill it. The 5 Pandawas represent 5 chakras, and Draupadi is Kundalini . As Kundalini ascends it meets with each chakra -pandawas - who also represents 5 element  i.e akash, vayu , tejas , aap , (water ), and pruthwi.  We Hindus put ashes in Ganaga river , the meaning  of this was to dissolve our consciousness in the universal consciousness.

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