Monday, April 30, 2012


   I did get occasionally students who are 'pre-med'. This was one of those days when I had one of the students in my office .When I entered the room , I saw Mrs. Smith. She has been coming to me last few years. She started with some cough and then upon further investigations was found to have a small nodule on her  CT scan of the chest.I did follow it for some times, and it was stable, and she really did not need any further follow up. But she wanted to come and "make sure that every thing was OK."
    This was one of those follow ups. As I entered the room, she stood up and hugged me and thanked  me . Since her last follow up with me , lot had happened and she had lost her husband. Her husband had a brain tumour and had gotten radiation therapy . He was doing good   but then developed  leukemia. Then went to an oncologist and was quite sick. He was admitted to the hospital and started with pneumonia . When he started getting worse , I was called . I had seen him as her husband, but not as a patient before.
    When I saw him in the hospital, he was quite sick. I had to transfer him Intensive care unit and soon , within short time had to put him on respirator . He continued to do poorly and his blood pressure had dropped and he stop ed making any urine and continued to get worse. He was quite sick and I had talked to her several times . We were doing so bad that I was worried that we were doing 'futile ' care. I thought that continuing to do futile care and then do CPR and continuing to do more was not useful to say least and was  torture to say bluntly.I called her and then asked her to consider Do Not Resuscitate and consider 'withdrwal '. She came with her daughter and after extensive discussion , she agreed to do DNR and he died in net 3 hrs .
     Now I was seeing her and she was thanking me for taking care of her husband and advising her to do the 'right ' thing . There was nothing to do with her care as her last x-ray was clear . Then she asked me a question. She wanted my opinion . After the death of her husband she had gone to her daughter to stay fir some times.She was sitting on the sofa and there was a fire place and on the mantle was pictures of her 3 grand children . It so happened that their first  names  were such that three together made her husband's full name . (first name, middle name and the last name. ). Suddenly she saw her husband or his face , smiling at her . She called her daughter , and asked her if she saw her 'daddy' . She did not see him . But she promised her to get the copies of the 3 pictures. She took them home and put them on the fire place mantle. and she did see again her husband. She wanted to know if she was going 'crazy' . So I sat there and explained her the concept of 3 bodies. i.e. causal body, the astral body and the physical body and how the astral body is the replica of the physical body and may be what she was seeing was the astral body of her husband . I also told her that she needs to tell him to 'go ' and let him be free in the astral world.
      I did not do any medical advice to her and told her to come  for   the follow up in six or seven months , she made appointment to 'see' me in 4 months .

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