Tuesday, April 3, 2012


   Last time we talked about the reincarnation and we can plan our future, ourselves and not depend upon anybody or even the God. ( though He controls it all the time .)It is our own deeds that leave us with the impressions  and that leads to new desires and that creates the new situation in our life. The interaction between different people will create new bonds ( and bandages ) and 'debt ' and that will lead to new encounters in new life , if these ' debts ' are not repaid by the end of present life . So if I have  prolong relations with some one e.g. parents or children or spouse , then we are likely to "meet " again, if not in this life then in another life and the another.
     Now this does not mean that we do not have any choice or once we have these contacts we continue to have these things all the time . We may not have same relationship in every life and so depending upon our attachment we will have different 'time ' of the contact and then that will decide our future life.
      So the counterargument that no one can 'predict ' any future is partly correct as our life is dependent upon our own actions and our own attachments. But in this world every thing is interrelated.This is exactly same as seen in quantum theory . If a photon particle starts from a distant star, let us say 100  light  years away, and it will reach  Orlando and an another photon is going to reach London . As long as we do not interfere with either photon , we are OK . But if we interfere with one , it will change course  of the other, even though they are separated by millions of miles and have no direct contact with each other. So in this universe , everything , is interconnected.

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