Wednesday, July 4, 2012


     Sometimes patients say things that are either funny or smart or sometimes just worth repeating. I am stating some of these that good and can be stated in public.
       First one is actually a story of a doctor . As a prerequisite to having privileges at a hospital, we have to take a ER call . ER call means that we have to admit those patients that come to ER , and need admission. We also have see patients that may be treated in ER and are released, but need follow up . We can can not decline any such patient due to lack of insurance. So this doctor was on call for medicine patients . He was called to see and admit patient with pneumonia.When he went to see patient in the ER ,he was directed to the room . This doctor was African-American and the patient was white . We never had any major racial issues . When entered the room and introduced himself as the doctor who was assigned to see this patient, the patient said, "You know, I want to tell you that I am a member of KKK. " Any other doctor would have left the room and told to assign some other doctor to this patient . But this guy was cool . He smiled , and said , "that is OK with me , but tell me do they give good health insurance or not ?"
      The patient was stunned and was speechless.
     This other one is of a 100 years old patient, who had a minor  procedure, and was being discharged . We have transfer people , who are all young people, may be 18 to 25 years old .As the patient was getting out of wheel chair, and getting in the car, this young kid said, "Sir take care of yourself."The patient turned and said , "what do you think I was doing for last 100 years ?"

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