Friday, July 20, 2012


     As was stated before there 5 'Don'ts ' and 5 'Dos'.  The 5 that were not to be done were , do not kill, do not lie , do not steal, do not have casual sex and lastly do not 'collect ' or do hoarding . We come across different things in our day to day life and some give us good feelings and some bad feelings . The things that give us good feelings we desire and that gives us bad feelings we try to avoid. This leads to our action of trying to have more of what gave us the pleasure . Say we enjoyed a concert of sitar or listened to a composition of particular musician on CD . We enjoyed , so now we want to have same experience , so now we 'buy ' CD with his music . This is in a way hoarding . This is not as bad , but  now we have expensive taste and now we need money to satisfy it . So we have to get money to satisfy.This is very easy to understand if I take an example of drug habits.The 'desire' to do drugs is so intense that people commit crime .We all understand that this is bad , but even at a lesser level this leads to attachment and bad action and sorrow , if do not get what we get attached to . So if we go a party and we like a appetiser, We take 5 or 6 , or even 10. This will leave others with  less or none . We go a garden and see beautiful flowers and pluck one or two , it is OK.But instead we decide to take 100 . This is hoarding. Collecting thing that we do not need for day to day activity or 'need ' is hoarding. This does not mean that one should never 'store' anything . In India families 'store ' grains for the entire season , when the new crop is in the market . This would not be considered hoarding . But if this same thing is done by a so called 'sadhu ' it will be hoarding . So the last of the Yama is do not do hoarding .
  The the difference in these 5 is that 1st 3 are not natural behavior , while last 2 are natural behavior that need to be controlled . We on an average do not kill , or steal or hoard everything. So our natural tendency is not killing or stealing or hoarding. So we have to be careful only in special situation or under special circumstances. The celibacy and all ways telling truth are not natural . Here we have to control our natural tendencies all the time .
   There are 5 Niyamas or 5 'Dos ' These are ,'cleanliness'( shaunch ), 'satisfaction '(santosh ).control on our sense organs (tapa),study of scripture ,(swadhyay ), and offering our all deeds to God (ishwarpranidhan ).

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