Friday, August 24, 2012


     I was watching the NEWS , yesterday . The  student who shot several people in the movie theater , had told some psychiatrist about desire to kill many people . I am sure this will bring in several law suits , off course against the university. This reminded me of one my old patients .When think about him , I still think about how the future is unpredictable.
      I knew him for a long time as he was a doctor  .and I had seen his patients many times . I also had seen him on occasions for lung issues and his wife was also my patient . I used to see her more often as she had sever asthma and she had many other problems . Her treatment was more complicated due to her intolerance to medicines, due to poor gastrointestinal tolerance .So I had to adjust her medicines on many occasions . She also poor appetite and had lost lot of weight . The medicine that she was given and was helping her was pulled off the market . I did give her a telephone no. of Canadian pharmacy. I did tell them about protein powder and even the fat and calorie loaded fast food stuff. He had not heard of 'chalupa ' . She was not doing well , but was not bad . He was fine . He was about 68 yrs old and was thinking of semi retiring . He had invested significant money in a real estate and had gotten great return . He was going to do a part time job as a physician . No calls , No hospital , No worries .
     He had sold his practice to a hospital few years ago and had also sold the office -the real estate for 'profit ' He had told the hospital about his retirement plans and they had brought in new doctor for last 3 or 4 months . So he was going to leave the 'practice ' after may be 30 plus years . I had known him for many years and I was not only a college but if not a friend , at least more than just a patient or acquittance .
    We were going to go for a lunch with the new doctor that was taking his place .On Thursday. he came to my office at 1 pm . I saw him at the window , where the patients check in . So I called him in and asked him as to why he had come . He asked me if I could write a letter for his wife to state that she was disabled . He was leaving the hospital employment and will be on new insurance . So he wanted the letter . I said OK . But he wanted it 'today'. It was a simple letter and I had no problem with such short letter . I told him I will do it and told him to pick it up at 4 pm .
    On next Monday I was seeing a patient , who asked me if I had heard the news . I said what news . So she asked me if I had heard of 'him ' committing suicide. I was shocked . She did not know much but knew that he had died . I called his wife at 4-30 pm and came to know the whole story.
    She had gone for a play . on Saturday . He did not want to go . So she went with her friend . When she returned home , he was not in the bed . But his car was there. So she thought that he slept in other room as he did not want to be disturbed , when she came home .When she woke up next morning , she did not see him in kitchen , where he always did the coffee and did the breakfast . So she went through all the bedrooms . She did not find him . The car was still there . So she went through all the rooms again and did find him .HE HAD SHOT HIMSELF IN THE BATH TUB!!.
   I did not know what to say . I had not have any idea . I did not know that he was depressed or had bipolar disorder and was on medicines . I did not know that he was gun nor did I know that he was capable of shooting himself . I definitely had NO IDEA THAT HE WAS GOING TO SHOOT HIMSELF.

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