Sunday, August 26, 2012


     In July 2012 the scientists found out the so called God particle . They have thought about it for many years and were unable to prove it . In the particle colider they did confirm the presence of this God particle and now we "know ' how every particle gets it's mass . The scientists were not sure how the subatomic particles get mass . or why do they have mass . The similar questions have been  asked about the Dark matter and the dark energy . So I thought about it and see if we can get any understanding of these new things in  the universe  and understand it by looking at the scripture .
    Since we started looking at the sky we have always thought about the nature and the origin of the universe . As the studies and the observation continued, scientist have recognised that there are 4 forces in the nature and each one has a particle.The field  'acts ' through it . As the work progressed there were several particles were recognised , in all there were 12 different particles , 6 being Quarts and 6 Leptons . All these particles have a mass . (photon does not have a mass ) . The question arose as to what gives rise to the specific mass to these particle ?. Many years  ago , more than 40 years ago Higgs suggested what came to be known as Higgs field . Since all 'fields' have a particle , this particle was called Higgs particle . No one was able to find this particle . The theory was that when a particle ( or for that matter anything ) moves through this Higgs field , there is a 'interaction ' or the 'resistance '  to the movement. Depending upon the resistance the 'mass' of the particle is determined . If the resistance or the interaction is more then the mass is higher , if it is low then the mass is low . The qualities of the Higgs particle and the field caught my eye . The Higgs field is 'nonzero' , this is in contrast to the other fields. As we know as one goes away from the magnet or an object the strength of the field reduces . (The gravitational pull is not same when we are close to the earth verses we are miles away from the earth )But the Higgs field is nonzero strength, which means there is no place where there will be no Higgs field influence . The particles in every other case have a 'spin' and a charge ' . The so called God particle has no spin or the charge .
    So in short the Higgs field is ' everywhere ' . it 'interacts ' with almost 'everything and gives them the mass . there is 'no reduction ' in the field strength , and the particle involved in it has no 'spin ' or 'charge '.
     Does this sound like  'CHAITANYYA ' OR so called  'UNVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS '? The universal consciousness pervades 'everything '  and is 'everywhere ',It is not localised to one or other area of the space , it does not 'move ' or 'vibrate ' . It does not have any 'charge '. ( As you may remember according to the scriptures at the beginning of the universe the GOD split in to 'purush ' (spirit ) and the Prakruti (nature ).
  So then if this the God particle , then The God is not too far , and we don't have to do anything . I am sure this the feeling of many atheist. I have some other thoughts.I feel that even though this particle has all the above mentioned qualities it is neither God nor it is God particle . (All the particles are made or came from the God , so in that way all are God particles. )Even though  the Higgs particle and the Higgs field are close to the qualities of universal conscious, they fall short . To understand this we need to look at the origin of the universe . As I mentioned , in the beginning w hen.' everything ' was "unity" and was without any disturbance .Then there was a disturbance called  "GUNAKSHOBHINI ". Before this occurred all the 3 qualities called 'Gunas ' were merged in with everything else . Now they started appearing . Every thing in the universe has all 3 qualities , more or less . Each of these gunas have a quality and a function . The Tamasic quality reduces action or activity . The perfect example would be a stone . It has almost 100 %  Tamasic quality . So unless someone moves it , it will not move , unless someone changes it, it will not change the size or position or anything . This is pure Tamasic quality . The consciousness is still pervading in it , but due to overpowering Tamasic quality, it is masked . The Rajasic quality is main cause of all the activity .  The growth of trees or human being is due to Rajasic quality . The balance between the Tamasic and Rajasic Gunas the trees don't continue to grow, but after certain amount of the growth the growth stops or slowes down .The last one the Satwick  Guna is the purest of all . Everyone has all three qualities.I feel that the mass that Higgs particle has is due to the Tamasic quality and it's interaction and the activity is due to the Rajasic quality . So the Higgs particle is not God's particle , but a particle that has pervading consciousness plus 3 Gunas .

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