Sunday, October 28, 2012


   I have a ring in my index finger. This is rather uncommon finger for having ring for Non Indians . Many of us know about the significance of this ring , but I do get questions asked about this . This story is one such story .
   I was seeing a patient in my office . I was seeing this patient , whom I had seen in the hospital for asthma. She was doing fine, and had come for the follow up after the discharge .After I talked to her and examined  her ,I told her to wean down the medicines that we had started in the hospital . As I was writing the note , she asked me about the ring in my index finger . I answered that it was a ring with a stone ,that was suppose to Planet Jupiter stone . Since the the mount of Jupiter is at the base of the index finger , the ring with the stone of Jupiter should be worn in Index finger. (This is based on palmistry .) So then she asked me if I believe in " these kind of things "I said yes , as otherwise I would not were the ring . I took out my ring and showed her how the stone touches my skin .
   Here I must explain you some other thing . Many months ago , may be 6 or 8 months ago , when I was making rounds at the local hospital , I noticed that one of the nurse's aid was awfully quite . She was Guinness lady and must be Indian by ancestry. She was also Hindu . So I asked her as to why she was quite . She asked me if I had read the news paper . It was Saturday and I had no time to read news paper before I could finish the rounds.So then she told me the story . There was a story about a women being killed early in the morning . The woman came home late at night from her job and as she was getting out of her car 3 people hit her with a gun and when she felt unconscious, they ran her over with her own car . They were caught soon and one of the 3 people was her 18 or 19 years old son . At that time I was trying to learn reading of horoscope or natal charts. So I got the boy's date of birth and place of the birth and sent it to some one in India to read the horoscope and tell me what was his 'fate '.
   So when this lady was asking me about my belief in horoscope , I thought that story . I had not gotten any response from India . I did not want to be too specific . So I just told her that one of my friend's son was not behaving  well and was in trouble with the laws, and I had sent his horoscope to   India to see what was his future. I did not tell her about the killing , nor did I tell her that he was in jail . The story was quite old and nothing was mentioned in the news papers .
    She looked at me and said ,"do you believe I am psychic ?" I did not know what to say . (may be she would read my mind without me saying anything ?). She continued , "Please tell your friend that his son is in bad company , but do not worry , the judge will find leniency. "I did not say anything .
    Another 6 or 8 months went by . The case was finally in the courts . The 18 tears old became the witness for the prosecution and had a deal . He was given 10 years . He would be free by the time he is 28 or may get less imprisonment for well behaviour .
    The patient who claimed to be psychic was right .

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