Saturday, October 13, 2012


   Quite often we see bad things happen to good people. Many years ago my professor of preventive medicine , had heart attack. When I went to see him in the hospital , he asked me as to why he got the heart attack. He was not a smoker, did not drink alcohol, was vegetarian and did not have high blood pressure or diabetic. His cholesterol was normal and he did walking as exercise daily. So this professor of preventive medicine was asking me as to why "he " out of all the people got the heart attack. Now we know few more factors that predispose to heart attack.But the the medicine is like the story of 7 blind men and the elephant , each one of the blind men was touching the different part of the elephant and 'feeling ' that he knew how the elephant really looked like .So as we know more , there is more to know . So the question that my professor asked me is not uncommon . I get it for many diseases, and under many circumstances. When I am asked why do I have asthma , I ask if anybody knowes why people get high blood pressure or diabetes. WE DON'T KNOW WHY WE GET THESE DISEASES OR FOR THAT MATTER ANY OTHER DISEASE. Not only that we don't know why we get them (other than statistical data as to who is predisposed to them ),but we never 'cure' them , we only 'controll' them . That brings me to the today's story .
      I saw this young 28 years old male for pneumonia. He started with symptoms like cold . So he went to a walk in clinic . He had an X-ray and was told it was OK , He was given an antibiotic and cough medicine and was sent home . He did well for a day and then the fever came back and cough got worse . So he came to the emergency room .The new X-ray done showed pneumonia and small amount of fluid around the lung .He was admitted to the hospital.When I saw him he was quite stable. He needed
some oxygen .The fever had gone down .We had started him on antibiotics and he was doing better.
    We continued to watch him . On 3rd day we did a new X-xay . It showed that the fluid around the lung had increased . I did a CT scan . It confirmed the pneumonia and the fluid . So I decided to take out the fluid as it could be infected . The small amount of fluid is not uncommon with the pneumonia.But if it increases then it could be infected or just because of the amount of the fluid , might necessitate draining it .When I did try to take out fluid , it was pus. It was so foul smelling that smelling it might make one feel dizzy.I did drain some , but I knew that he would need surgery. We called the chest surgeon. He had surgery and did well . When I saw him next day , he was doing well. He asked me a question , "Why did I get it . I don't smoke and hardly drink, I don't do drugs . When I got sick , I did see a doctor. So why is it , that I not only got sick , but even needed chest surgery."
  I had no medical answer. But being firmly believing in the law  of karma ,I had to explain him the philosophically reason. So I started to explain him the karma and how it is stored, and how each karma has to come to fruition, and must come to fruition. Unfortunately, we don't know the 'deed ' that we did has caused the miseries of today.As I was explaining him ,his church priest came in . I continued to finish my thought.and left.

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