Saturday, March 16, 2013


   I often see patients with chronic cough or shortness of the breath. When I tell them the diagnosis of asthma , they are surprised ,as the concept among non medical population is that the asthma occurs at younger  age .Then when I explain it to them that asthma can occur at any age and is very common, the next question is what causes it or how can I cure it . I tell them that the asthma like many other diseases has no cure , and if allergic in origin , anything under sun  including sun can cause the asthma . The story that I am going to tell is that of a patient who had cure from unusual place .
   I started seeing Joe foe the shortness of breath . He was 45 years old male who was mildly overweight. He was getting more and more short of breath over period of time . He was not a smoker and owned a radiator shop . He had no previous medical history. When I checked his blood pressure and it was high . I did the pulmonary function test and it did confirm my diagnosis . He did have asthma .I put him on medicines and did follow up . When he came for the follow up , he was doing better as far as shortness of the breath is concerned .But his blood pressure was still elevated and he had gained 10 lbs of weight .I did not change his medicines for the asthma , but did tell him to contact his primary doctor and started him on medicine for the blood pressure .The next time I saw him was in the hospital . He got more short of breath on one of the weekend and went to ER and was wheezing and was admitted . His blood pressure was high and it needed more medicines .I was not sure why he got so bad so quickly . He was on the medicines that I had started and still got attack We gave him steroids and he was discharged . I did see him in the office and he was off the steroids . I told him to call me if he got bad , I told him that ,sooner we treat asthma , less medicines we need and it gets better quickly . So I told him to call me if he got short of breath or started wheezing . I had to treat his 'attacks ' at least 3 times and he was admitted 3 more times in next 2 years .
      I do not know as what happened to him but he was not seen by me for next 8 or 10 months . I got a call to see a patient who had 'history of asthma ' and was admitted with irregular heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation . When I saw him I recognised him and asked him as to why he did not keep his appointment . The answer did surprised me a little bit . HE HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THE ASTHMA , I have seen patients with asthma , who have fluctuations in their disease severity . But he was not on any medicines and was not short of breath and his lungs sounded clear . I was not sure as to the reason . He had also lost some weight .When I started asking him some questions , the answer got clear . .
    He had problem with his wife . The had started fighting with each other about 3 years ago , about the time that he got asthma .He continued to have problem . Then they got divorced . He became single . Started exercising and lost weight . His shortness of breath got better and he decided to cut medicines . In spite of stopping medicines , he was OK .
  SO JOE'S ASTHMA GOT CURED WHEN HE DIVORCED HIS WIFE . I have heard that a patient got attack of asthma when he entered the room in which there was bouquet of roses in the center of the table as he was allergic to roses , When paramedic came , he realised that those roses which 'triggered asthma attack , were silk roses .But HAVE NOT SEEN ALLERGY TO WIFE , that was triggering asthma .  

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