Thursday, March 28, 2013


     I tried to write about the prayers and if they work or not and was trying to make a point that if they work , there must be some other way than they being "granted" by the GOD . Let me make a point , In bible it states that God made Man in His image . So now think about it if we were made in His image , it certainly could not be the 'physical ' image . If he did it in physical image , then which one of us has 'image ' of the Lord or the other way around which one of us is in his image ?. Is He white , black or Asian ? Since it does not make any sense than when Jesus stated that He made us in His image he must mean something other than physical image . So this is where I was talking about the soul or the all pervading Conscience . If He was talking about anything short of that i.e .astral body or causal body ( please see previous blog to understand 3 bodies ), then these bodies are perishable , and God is certainly not perishable . So now coming to the prayers , when we are praying 2 or 3 things happen .
     1 When we pray , we tend to surrender to to the supreme being , and we develop strength to endure the adverse conditions .Since we don't know as to what is the future , we tend to 'accept ' the outcome . If the outcome is good , then we give credit to the prayer , if the outcome is not so good then we accept it saying that if we had not prayed , it might have been worse . So the prayers give us power to tolerate whatever is the outcome .
     2. When we pray to a particular God ,may it be Jesus , Allah or any Indian God , we have an Image in our mind . We are too weak to have concept of the God , which has no form , shape or any character . So when we pray the god we mentally create an Image . IT is stated that when we 'chant' or pray we create certain 'vibrations ' . These are energy waver and no energy can be destroyed , it may be changed to some other form , but not totally destroyed . e.g. if we use heat to warm the water , then heat is transferred to the water . When the water cools down then the heat from it goes in the atmosphere and surrounding air has increase temperature . So if no energy can be destroyed , then the energy from the prayers have to create something . These waves or energy will have the effect in changing the outcome . The positive thoughts will have positive outcome , and negative thought  will have negative outcome .So  if the prayers are intense , then the  energy created will be more  and they are likely to be more effective . But if we pray casually, and there is not much thought behind it , it will not be effective . I believe that when we pray to a certain form, we do create that God /image / energy , and that helps us in making a difference .
   3.In an Indian scriptural book called Patanjali Sutra Yoga, there are several 'powers ' that are described , called "sidhdhi ''. These are obtained , when one meditates , and concentrates and devotes . There are 8 of them that are described . e.g.power to get heavier or power to become very light like piece of Cotton or see thing that are far out , and many more .So if we have reached that 'high' level in our prayers then we can do miracles . But if get caught in doing these miracles , then we are wasting our achievements and will not progress. One must remember that even when these powers 'change' the destiny , it is at a cost . In the book by Paramhaunse Yoganand, his Guru, was asked by him to 'grant ' more life , The guru did grant him the extra life of a month or so , but also stated that this extra life will come at the cost of life from his next life . Which means , his next life will be shortened by 1 month , if he survived an extra month in this life . So highly evolved Yogis can change the outcome .
     I am not sure if this explains the effects of prayers or if this is true , but I have tried . I am sure that this will change when I get better , in my own PRAYERS . 

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