Saturday, April 6, 2013


       I received this comment from Mr. D.P. Joshi from India and thought of sharing it with all .

Prayer is an attempt to change the outcome of an event. An event is a result of actions taken by so many people earlier in time; hence the final outcome is pre-decided by others already by individual actions. To that extent outcome, if already decided it can- not be changed, prayer or no prayer. If one prays that a girl should be born to a lady result is 50% pre-decided but exact result is decided at the time of conception. There is no way it can be changed by prayer either way. Of course it is a 50 % chance and to that extent one can be right.  However there is a distinct possibility of a change if one pays before the event is fixed by other events. In the dormant stage positive strong thoughts could make a change in the outcome. A prayer has definitely a chance of success if it is expressed before an examination giving the student a chance of improving his score but has no effect after the paper is written. I think prayer has a good chance of success if it reaches the party concerned in time, giving him an opportunity to alter inputs in a positive manner. One can- not deny that GOD has the final word about any outcome, but he would not use his powers normally. He has devised natural laws of all the games making a direct reference to him un-necessary. We may not be aware of all the natural laws that are different.




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