Sunday, March 2, 2014


        We often use term 'it is Gospel truth "when we are talking about what we think it is a FACT .But many a times what we think as a fact or truth, turns out to be not so . In one of the old Hindu scriptures , called PATANJALI SUTRA YOGA , it state that there are different 'proofs ' , that we believe One is Direct . one is Indirect and last one is 'WHAT IS HEARD (FROM LEARNED EVOLVED SOULS ).The direct one is simple to understand. If I see somethings , I can 'trust' it . This is not 100%.I may 'see' something and conclude something , which may not be the truth.Our eyes can not be fully trusted. Anyone who watches the crime dramas know this very well . The Indirect is also simple to understand . If I see  a cooking burner coil to be red , I will conclude that it is hot . I do not have to to touch it . If I see smoke , I will conclude that there is a fire . But I could be wrong in both these instances.What I thought as smoke (my eyes thought it was smoke ) may be fog /smog and so there may be no fire . The last one is what we here from evolved souls . THIS IS GOSPEL TRUTH. The unfortunate fact is that we use this term too loosely.The story that I am going to tell is one such story , where we thought we knew , when in fact we still don't know .
      I saw him in recovery room . He is an executive , educated and well connected guy. He had a cough going on for sometimes . So after couple of antibiotic courses he had an X-ray . It showed pneumonia . He was treated with different --so called stronger antibiotic .The follow up X-ray failed to show any improvement and his cough was still there . So he had a CT scan .The CT scan showed a abnormal area of consolidation or pneumonia or mass . So he had a PET scan . It was positive , which means possibility of cancer was high. So he decided to see a thoracic surgeon . The surgeon took him to surgery. He did a bronchoscopy . The bronchoscopy showed that there was a blockage of a bronchus with what he thought was a "impacted meat ". He did the biopsy.The biopsy did show ' meat fibers '.I was called in to see patient and do follow up.
   He continued to have cough and was wheezing. So I started him on medications.He had follow up X-ray and then a CT scan . The CT scan did not show any improvement . So I talked to the surgeon,and did the bronchoscopy. I saw what looked like a tumor to me . I did the biopsy , but it came back as necrotic tissue . I spoke to the surgeon and told him that I can not remove (if it was meat ) nor could do lager biopsy. (I felt that it has to come out or he needed to to do biopsy under anesthesia .) He did the repeat biopsy and this time the pathologist read it as "malignancy ,most likely metastatic melanoma."So now see , we have 3 different reports , The first one , possible meat , second one , necrotic tissue , and the third one was melanoma . There are tumor markers . The melanoma markers were negative , but the pathologist felt that it still could be melanoma .
   After the discussion it was decided that in any case it must come out . So he had resection of the lobe of the lung that contained the tumor . It was reported as "spindle cell tumor , could be sarcoma."This was the final diagnosis .
    This what I was calling the Gospel truth . The pathologist and the cancer doctor and the the radiation oncologist , (forget about me and the surgeon ) still do not know if this a lung cancer or sarcoma or ???????

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