Sunday, March 30, 2014


     The other day I had a call from one of the hospital's doctors . He wanted to know as to what should he write on the death certificate as to the cause of death, in a case of a patient that I had seen with him . (The story of that patient could be itself a story).I t made me think as to why someone dies at a specific time . Some die at early age , when no one suspected and then others live long time with no obvious purpose,at least what we can see. Then I thought about the BIRTH. Why do you think we are born , at a specific time to specific set of parents , in a specific country and so on. Again this question arises only if we believe in reincarnation. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation , question still remains as to why we are born on this earth. One more question that could arise if we don't want to believe in reincarnation, is that where were we , before we were born?. This question may be the best proof that there is reincarnation. Otherwise the question comes as to why some of us are born rich and some of us poor ,some of us to good parents and some to bad parents . But that is a separate discussion.So now we still need to answer as to why we are born .I thought about it  and trying to put it in words.
       To understand the answer, we must try to understand as to what happens to us when we die.When we die , what actually 'dies ' is is a physical body . The body dies because the power that keeps it alive is gone . Think about a computer. If the batter dies then the computer does not work. It still has a the software and the hard disc and the keyboard.But the computer does not work . If we can get the battery recharged , then the computer will work . In case of the human body, if we can charge the battery , it will restart to . But unfortunately (or fortunately), the physical body decays , and then new charge will not work.So when we die , the 'causal body' leaves the physical body . Since we carry the impressions of our likes and dislikes , our experiences,and impressions of our 'DEEDS'--or what we call as Karma , is carried from physical body to a body call Astral body .The the bodies are tied together during our existence on the earth, and the two bodies , the causal and the astral bodies leave together. They have to be somewhere . That world is called Astral world. It has several levels and is a replica of the Physical world except that since it does not have physical elements , we can't see it.(as we only have physical eye and unless light reflect from an object , we can't see it with physical eyes.)
     In the astral world we are placed in a particular level based on our progress that we did in physical world. It is all most like going to casino. We can play only those games that we have money for and once we run out of money , we have to leave the casino.There are two differences though with this example, One is that we can 'spend' money in casino.and may be we can continue to get more money , may from a bank or credit card or borrowing it . In the astral world , our chips or the money is the good deeds that we did in physical world.In the astral world we can not make more money.(Can not get more good deeds to our pot. )What we call as good deeds ,are most of the time or may be all the time are related to the physical world.We can feed the hungry or provide a shelter or provide medicines to sick etc . This is all at physical level. But if we do not have physical body we can not do any of these Good deeds . So How can we improve upon our 'chips'?So in the astral world  we can not uplift our self very easily.SO TO GET BETTER AND IMPROVE OUR STANDING IN THE ASTRAL WORLD , WE MUST GO BACK TO THE PHYSICAL WORLD. This is the first cause for us to be born..So this is one of the driving force for us to be born.
     But then there is second and may be much more powerful force for us to be born.We do things in our life on physical world and it leaves us with an impressions and those impressions create desire and desire leads to action and action leads to impression . So this is called circle of mind . The desires and the impression DO NOT DIE with physical death. These impressions and the desires that they create are stored in the astral brain in an abstract form . Since in astral world we o not have the physical body , we can not ' ACT ' or 'FULFILL' these desires . So we must come back to physical world.Just to give example , I want to eat sweet food . I can not eat sweet stuff to fulfill the desire unless I have physical body .So we must GO BACK .
   The time and a place that we are born is determined by the strength of our desires and how deep are the impressions and at what level in astral world we are . I like sweets but the intensity of my desire may not be very strong and it mat take longer time for it coming to the surface and be strong enough for me to force to be born . We also develop 'connections .and create 'DEBT'.We are sons and daughters and we are fathers and mothers and we are friend and neighbor and we are husbands and wife. These relations create 'give' and 'take ' relationships . So we have attachments and create debts . These must be RE PAYED. So based on our deeds , desires , bondage and debts and attachments we 'select' our parents and place of birth , family and other thing including time .
This is like a matching game --may be like E-HARMONY .Whenever there is a conception , there is a 'spark' in the astral world , and several souls , with their astral and causal bodies are 'attracted 'to the fertilized egg. Only one succeeds. So to some extent it is voluntary , to some extents it is not . But ultimately we come down because we have connections that we could not cut , neutralize and we did not die without some desires left unfulfilled .THIS LEADS TO THE REBIRTH, THE TIME AND THE FAMILY.
     This is somewhat short explanation as to cause of birth.
      I hope to write about the "cause of death" in my future blog.  

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