Friday, April 11, 2014


   I wrote about the time of birth and my thoughts on why we are born . There are many questions that remain unanswered.But I thought about writing on time of death . Why is it that someone that we never thought would die , dies next minute ?Or someone who we think will die soon 'lingers' for long time . I see this all the time in medicine and we all do see this in our life too . I have some thoughts .These are based on some of the same concepts that I had in my previous blogs .
     As much as we are born  to complete our desires, why do we die with more desires left unfulfilled ? This would be a natural question . The simple answer is that the Desires are never fully fulfilled . Think about it . If we desire to eat Pizza or drink alcohol or have sex , has it ever happened that we eat pizza and now have NO DESIRE to eat pizza ? or never have desire to drink alcohol or have sex ? So desires are fulfilled only for short time , just like the itching on the skin . More we scratch , more we itch and more scratching is needed . So when we do Karma , we have effect of them and the impressions bring us back to next life . So we are born with "fixed " no of 'seeds' that will come to fruition in this life and we create more Karma that leave with impressions .So when we are born , there are certain karma that have left us with impressions , that have left us with desires , that will come to fruition.. Some of these karma will be strong enough that they will come to fruition in this life , while others will be carried to different life , and these will determine our new birth , family , life and our relatives and our so called life .So when we are born , time that we are going to die is determined . The time is determined by the amount of seeds of karma that are going to come to fruition . So once that is done then we are gone .It is just like 'annual plants ' or the banana tree. Once the flowering is done the plant is gone . So the question would be , why some people die in few days after birth or few years  and some die after many years , even when we don't see any purpose of living ?.I think that even though we do not see any purpose there is always some reason . The loss of a young child in some one's life , is not without purpose . It may be due to some Debt that the two parties  i.e. the parents and the child , that had to be repaid . Or in case of older person , who lives with a stroke , fully dependent life , he and his care gives are doing some 'give  and take ' . either due to previous karma or creating new karma .
      We create many karma this life and some of them will have effects in this life . Smoking , excessive drinking ( alcohol ), drug use , all these are examples of the karma that come to fruition in this life.So the question would be can we change the time of death , can we postpone our demise?The answer is yes but very seldom.This based on the not my ability , but what I have read in books of evolved souls . In the book written by Yoganand , his GURU was asked to prolong some one's life . HE the GURU ,  UKTESHWAR did not want to do it . ( the thought is one is holding them back in this world ).But he did it for few months . The life has to come from somewhere . So as I understand one can 'borrow ' the time from next life and get an extension in this life , though it is very difficult and limited and can be done by only few , who are highly evolved souls .
     So to summarize we come with fixed years of life span , based on what karma are going to fruition  in this life . Once this is over we are gone . We create new ones , that may come to fruition in this life , and very rarely we can get extension.
    I am sure when you read this you will have questions , and I will have some more too .
    May be you will have some answers too . so let me know .  

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