Wednesday, April 2, 2014


      I was going through the last blog and thought  that some of the questions were may need clarification . One of the questions that may arise is if our 'give ' and 'take ' makes more attachments and in turn brings us back to the physical world, then it is likely that we will continue to have same souls in our different lives . This is true , but just because we are related in this life , does not mean we are creating more debt in this life . We see this on many occasions.The relations that we have simply related to our birth in a  specific family may mean nothing as far as closeness or give and take is concerned . So we may develop new relationships and have new debt.
     Secondly if 'conception' creates a spark in the astral world , then a soul is attracted to the fertilized egg, then what happens to the soul if the egg is fertilized outside the uterus , in a test tube ?When the egg is fertilized in a test tube (in vitro fertilization ), the so called parents are not decided , so then which soul will be attracted ?.The parents are not decided , so the environment that the soul will be born in is not decided till the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus There is also another problem in modern society. In today's world , fertilized eggs are stored , frozen for long time , till decision is made as to implant them or throw them , destroy them . So how would a soul be attracted to it and then if not implanted in uterus and develops in to a human being , then it will be "trapped " in a frozen egg and that does not sound like any progress or a choice that a soul will desire .( or may be it does ).
      I don't know the answer to it . But it brings us to the million dollar question as to when doe the soul enters the fertilized egg? I do not know and I have not gotten any answer to it from learned people . I have my own thoughts and I would love to know what you think and why . Since the KUNDALINI, the coiled up energy , which stay es dormant , rested in lower part of spine ,I think may be the astral body and causal body , soul , enters the body when the neural grove if closing . I have no way of knowing if this right or if there is any evidence for this theory . But this was one of the thoughts that came to me . I know sometimes there are more questions than answers . But we can think about this in clowning , or in case of twins and in case of  many other circumstances . 

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