Thursday, July 31, 2014


   I did write about the prayers and it's powers and how it may be working. I was reading an article written many years ago and I thought about it and liked it . It may be an explanation as to why some prayers seem to work, whole others seem not to work.This is similar to the destiny, and how it works.Let me explain.
     When we do sincere prayer ,with full faith and trust , it create positive  deeds. This can be compared to making more money , as it adds to our bank balance of good deeds. But just like the bank balance of money . it can be used for various expenses.If I suddenly get $100,000 , then I can decide to buy new car or new clothes or I can pay off some of my old debt, or I can decide to put some in a bank or invest in something for the future dividend.The same thing can happen for the fruits of our prayers. Some may be used or spent for 'giving' us success. (as if our prayers are answered.)This like me spending some money foe buying new car.Some of the fruits of the prayers will be spent in paying for avoiding the effects of the bad deeds that we might have done and which might have come to fruition in near future.And finally some is left in our bank account of good deeds . The problem is we do not have control on haw this is done in case of effects of good deeds, unlike in case of money, where we have full control. So we can not decide how to 'spend' it , nor we know how much is needed to nullify the effects of past bad deeds ,nor we know how much is needed to get success in what we are praying for . So we don't always see success ,our prayers are not answered ,and sometimes they are . I can not not understate the law of karma in any of these .This may be the deciding factor as to how much of effects of good deeds are used for each of the 3 things that I stated above.There are things that we have done in past or past life , effects of which will manifest and can not be avoided no matter what.And there are things that we can change with some efforts . Then there are some where lot of efforts are needed to change the outcome . So the question is how much is enough?If I want to but Rolls Rice and I have only $20,000, can I buy it? The answer is no .
       So this may be the answer to the question as to why some prayers are answered and others seem to go unanswered. 

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  1. Hey Dr. Kirtane. I just wanted you to know that I was checking out your blog. Thanks for sharing!