Friday, July 3, 2015


     I have often wondered as to the validity of asking for 'things' from the GOD. We almost treat the GOD as a human being , when we ask for things that are material things. If HE could 'Give' us something ,then He could 'take away' things from us ,and  then if he does punish or reward , then there is no difference between HIM and human beings. But this is just for the discussion. In any case I DO pray and DO ask for'things' from HIM . On top of that I do believe that the prayers work . (I did write  a blog on prayers in past. ) But today I thought about this due to a patient that I saw the other day. This was a 53 years old patient who came to me foe possible sleep apnea. In recent past the sleep apnea has gotten more importance and publicity in media . So more people are aware of it . Just to state the importance of the sleep apnea, sleep anea has relation to high blood pressure , diabetes, atrial fibrillation, stroke and many other things. S
      So this patient that I saw , had sleep apnea.He had sleep study done by his dentist and it did show the sleep apnea. But he decided to do nothing. Now he wanted to have treatment. So there was not much in the history or examination. So when we were talking , he told me a story.Several years ago he was separated /divorced from his wife and it was 31st of December. It was freezing and he could not continue to in the party at a friends place . So stepped out in the back yard. He was depressed and frustrated and did not know what to do . So he looked up and said,'GOD ,I can't do anything , YOU are in charge now'. And according to him the GOD said to him , "I AM ALWAYS IN CHARGE!"
      That brings me to  title of the blog. I reminded him of the story of Kramer in sitcom Seinfeld. In that episode Kramer is suing a corporation for hot coffee burns. The company executive are ready to offer him thousands of dollars for settlement.When Kramer comes in to discuss the settlement, the executive starts talking about it. So he starts with saying that Kramer can have as much coffee as he wants for the life .Before he could offer the monitory settlement, Kramer accepts it. So he never got the money. We act like that . HE can GIVE us much more than what we ask . So we ask for little things , when HE is willing to give much more. WE ARE JUST TOO POOR IN ASKING !!!!

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