Sunday, July 12, 2015


     Every time I look around the technology amazes me . The other day I went with a real estate agent to look at some properties . She would dial a number and the cell phone would open the 'lock' on the box that contained the keys to the property. We did not have to call the listing agent or he did not have to come to the place. The listing of the properties and the information is on the computer is old  development. But when we used to give 'lectures' , we had to get slides in the past and then we had to take our computer and use it for the slides. But now we can take it with us or email it .But this kind of technology progress is exponential. or geometric proportion.In comparison to that medicine has progressed less fast. But in spite of that when I see medical inventions in thoughts or drugs or equipments, I am amazed.every day when I read medical news . So this blog is related to that fact.
      When I was in medical college , I had read about vaccination. I was in India and Tetanus was not uncommon . The vaccination was advised , but we used to see the patients who already had high risk of getting  tetanus, we used tetanus serum . These were antibodies that were developed when horse was given the vaccination and then his blood was drawn and the serum was prepared. I was in medical college and had seen one of my friend's sister diagnosed and die of breast cancer. So I had a primitive idea. Why not inject 'tumor extract ' in horse and then the horse will develop antibodies against the tumor. Then we can inject those antibodies in the patient , which will kill the tumor. Off course this idea was to primitive and never would have worked . But all of us now know about use of antibodies in treatment of cancer.
     But then I heard about a a new treatment for elevated LDL cholesterol. All of us know about the satins, in use of treatment of high lipids. But then I saw a study of the treatment of elevated lipids by antibodies against an enzyme that is required for the lipid metabolism. I don't want to try to explain the exact way it works. .but it suffices to say that when this enzyme is attacked by the antibodies against it, the production of LDL cholesterol is reduced. So now the antibodies are used to treat the disease or condition,rather than satins.
     When I was in the medical college , I had  thought about the treatment of obesity or to be specific, treatment of fat belly. As we know many patients have not much fat on extremities , but the abdominal fat is major issue. The studies have shown that the abdominal fat is the cause of the problem. I did not know this in past . But I had thought about taking care of the abdominal fat by developing a solvent , that could be injected locally and then it will dissolve the fat and then one can suck the liquid out. I had no idea as to possibility of any agent or what could be safe and can be not only injected, but also sucked out . I don't think any agent is available even today. But the other day I read a new drug being approved by FDA, called Kybella. This was approved to treat "double chin. IT is an injectable medicine and may need to be given few times to be effective. (It reminded me of Seinfeld episode , or monologue, where they are talking about seedless water melon(or grapes).he states that when other people have 'desire to 'cure' AIDS or Cancer , some one was thinking and working on seedless melon!)

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