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    This blog is non medical. I was re reading the GEETA shloka 9th. As I have stated in the past that it is difficult for me to understand and accept that the Lord KRISHNA would spend or for that matter SANJAYA would spend the time in describing various warriors on the battlefield . So in the shloka 9th Duryodhana says that there various warriors ready to fight for me with there weapons.
    If one considers the symbolism of the real war to WAR WITHIN ONESELF,we have to consider the various obstacles that one faces in the meditative practice.Here comes the other warriors -which are 6 enemies of the practice of the meditation or called SHAD (SIX)  RIPOO(ENEMIES).
These are 1. KAMA (LUST),

     In MAHABHARATA, we have several characters, that could qualify to represent each one of these enemies of the mankind. In today's world we can find many people that could be considered to represent each of these 6 enemies-certainly one can have different opinions about certain figures that are known to all of us , but we will not have much debate on certain other characters,e.g North Korean leader , who probably represents more than one .
   The LUST is not always sexual .It is attachment to sensory pleasurable activities which can never be fulfilled.  It is intense attachment to material world, which is mortal and so are we. But we are holding on to the material things as if we are going to 'take them ' with us when we die. In Mahabharata, the DURYODHANA represents this LUST. He had such a attachment for the land , that he refused to give 'Even the amount that could be on the tip of a needle,' to the Pandawas. This lust is at the level of the mind  and the Intellect, is paralyzed.The physical sense organs are gross and the perception is at micro level , but still in physical body . But the mind is sutler and the intellect is still sutler. The EGO is higher than that. So when we have lust we can't THINK and we ACT at much lower level. The story of the Tulasidas, who wrote the TULASI RAMAYAN , is well known . He was married and his wife went to her parents for short period. He could not live without her so at late night he decided to go to her parent's place . They lived across the river . But he did not care . He went to the banks of the river . The water levels were very high due to rains. So the boatman refused to take him across the river in boat as it was too risky. Tulasidas decided to swim. He saw a wooden log passing by and so he jumped and with the
 wooden log he went across the river. he went to his in law;s place . it was two story house and the wife was in upstairs bed room . he called her , but she was asleep . His desire or lust was so intense that he decided to climb up to the window . He grabbed a rope that he saw hanging from the window  and went to the window and knocked on it , the wife opened the window and the was surprised to see her husband. She was not very happy as it was too embarrassing for her that her husband could not live without her for one night. So she told him to go back . She made a comment that if he would have such an intense DESIRE for the GOD , he would  be better off and would have perceived God by now.When he came to his senses he realized that what he thought was a wooden log was a dead body or corpse, what he thought was rope was a snake and so from that point onward he became a devotee and you know the rest. So if we have the LUST for GOD , it will be better.

  About the other five enemies , we will do another blog.

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