Tuesday, July 4, 2017


      In the last one we talked about the first of the six enemies of the mankind which was KAMA OR LUST . The next one is KRODHA or ANGER. In today's world one need not saay anything more about the anger . The road rage , so common that we hear about it everyday. The anger in politics is seen everyday and has paralyzed the function of the government .
      In MAHABHARATA, the anger is represented by DUSHHASAN. We all know the famous story from the epic of how he dragged DRAUPADI and tried to disrobe her . When the Pandawas lost in gambling and in doing so they lost their wife too. So she was brought to the Darabar and then DUSHHASAN tried to disrobe her . She asked Lord KRISHNA to help her as none of her husbands would or could get up to help her. The Lord Krishna provided her with unending saries . This dded was done in anger . Whenever there is anger it paralyses rational ,intellectual thought process. Some one had said that that getting angry is punishing our self for the mistake of the someone else. The anger can come due to greed, lust ,disappointment and can lead to violence either physical or verbal . Even if anger is justified , say for example when terrorists killed hundreds of innocent victims in the name of religion , one should allow a rational thought process and channel it in such a way that we can catch such terrorists before they can do another act of violence and prevent it in future.

     The next enemy is LOBHA or GREED. In today's world we see it all the tie in our politicians and in common day to day life . People that have billions of dollars will cont to do things that are illegal , immoral and unethical to get MORE. Otherwise how do yo explain the selling of uranium mine to Russians or collecting billions of dollars under the name of charity and spending less than 10 % for the charity. At our level we see this when we see people indulging in food at party or drink at a party. We all eat MORE than we need and we drink much more than we need and can handle .
In MAHABHARATA, this greed is represented by KARNA and VIKARNA. Karna is representative of RAGA which is attachment to things that we like and repulsion from the things that we don't like. This attachment is so strong that it leads to GREED. The funny part of this equation is that we are never satisfied when we get what we want . This is called CIRCLE OF MIND . When we DO an action , it leads to IMPRESSION , which leads to DESIRE and the desire leads to ACTION which again causes the impression and so on and so for. When we do repeated actions , the impressions that it leads to are much DEEPER and the DEEPER the impressions , more intense is the DESIRE . So satisfing the DESIRE does not lead to calmness but in contrast it leads to more intense DESIRE. These desires are stored not in our physical brain , but are stored in abstract form in our ASTRAL
AND  CAUSAL BRAIN.When the physical body dies the desires are not gone as they are still there in astral and causal bodies . So we are reborn to SATISFY our desires . When these desires are not satisfied , we get ANGRY -KRODHA and under the impression of anger we loose the rational thought process and ACT violently.
    I will try to do other ones in next blog.   

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