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         The next one of the 6 enemies is the MOHA or the Delusion. Our entire life is full of delusion . If one considers the difference between the EGO and the SOUL, we will realize that ego is pseudosoul. The soul under the influence of delusion is is ego. When the soul which is immortal and unconditioned confines or appear to be confined within the physical body, is called EGO. The ego is BORN and Conditioned. Under the effects of the delusion or MOHA one does thins or acts differently than he would if he was guided by Intellect.

          In MAHABHARTA, the SHAKUNI MAMA is the representative of the delusion. He was known to be deceptive and create illusion or delusion. Upon the advice of the Shakuni , the Duryodhana asked Pandawas to the geme of Gambling . The deception that was used by the Shakuni worked and the under the influanec of the delusion the Pandawas lost . They not only lost their kingdom , but also the DRAUPADI, their wife. In the symbolic way the Draupadi is KUNDALINI shakti . The Pandawas lost the contol over the KUNDALINI under the influence of the delusion. So when one feels that HE or SHE is the BODY and confined to the limits of the body that is delusion

.            The next one is MADA or the PRIDE.The pride is I , ME ,AND MINE . Because of the pride we do things that at times are deceitful ,cruel and immoral.The 'I' in us makes us do things and act in such a way that otherwise we would not do. The PRIDE in MAHABHARATA, is represented by SHALYA . The Shalya is the brother of Madri the mother of the NAKUL and SAHADEO. So he should have joined the Pandaws in the battle between the PANDAWAS and the KAURAWAS. But the DURYODHANA bribed him with flattery and with gifts . The SHALYA was coming to join the war, Duryodhana arranged the big welcome and the feast of food and gifts and the flattery . The SHALYA thought that it was PANDAWAS and then he came to know that the host was no there than the Duryodhana. he still could hve joined the PANDAWA'S side , but withe PRIDE and the EGO and the delusion , he joined the Duryodhana side. We see it all the time how the fights among the friend and the siblings and the business partners never get resolved due to the PRIDE .

        The last one is MATSARA or ENVY. We all know this quite well. We can not enjoy if something good happans to someone as 'it did not happen to us'. In fact it is due to MATERIAL ATTACHMENT. So if someone gets promotion in job or gets recognised for his or her work or courage etc , we are not happy as we are attached to the same material things. This is the MATSARA or envy. In MAHABHARAT this is represented by KRITVARMA . Hewas the only YADAWA,who belonged to the sama clan as KRISHNA , But KRISHNA was respected , adored and was on the side of PANDAWAS. He became the enemy of Krishna , when the bride that HE WANTED to marry was married to Krishna . This meterial attachment and not having the same success in getting recognizes as was KRISHNA , he decided to join the side of KAURAWAS.

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