Friday, February 10, 2012


We need to know certain words to understand how the universe  and we as human beings are born from it as well as how The God created this  universe and beyond .
So let us understand the different words used in the explanation of this birth of the universe and beyond.
 1) Three bodies of human beings ,physical body , the one that we see , the astral body   , the body that we can not see but exact replica of the physical body, and the causal body , the one which is the cause of the all the  bodies or the existence.These are called ' STHUL SHARIR ' SUKSHMA SHARIR ' AND 'KARAN  SHRIR'  respectively.
 2)Three qualities, namely Tamasic , Rajasic and Satwik.Due to these qualities we 'act ', do different activities.
 3)Panch Pran. there are 5 pranas. These are 5 forces of energy or life , but not exactly. These are Apaan  Vyan .  Udaan Samaan and Praan  . When they are in relation to our body they are digestion assimilation , circulation excretion and the pran the life energy  itself.
 4)Panchamahabhute.  The 5 great elements. These are not the elements in physics , but these sre the one in the universe and they make the universe and our physical body .They are 'Akash ' --the ether or the space, The vayu-the air, the Tej--the energy , Aapa,--water,and the Pruthwi ---the earth. The air is all the  gases   , the water is all  liquids and the earth is all solids.

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