Thursday, February 23, 2012


      It was my last patient . As usual I was late . This one was of 'double booking patient' at 4-15 pm that I was seeing at 4-40pm. She had bronchial asthma, and was not feeling good. She had seen her primary care doctor and was not happy as was not any better. I could see that she was quite frustrated . I examined her . She was wheezing .I talked to her about the change in treatment. I  decided to increase .her inhaler strength, ( advair250/50 to 500/50) and added and antibiotic , and gave her the sample of the antibiotics, and gave her prescriptions for steroids. I gave all the samples and gave her one prescription for prednisone -steroid.. She was not thrilled about the prescription .I can not afford this expensive  prescription, she told me . i told her that it would cost only $4. She told me that she can not spend even $4. " I have only $2. for now " i was stunned . Did not know what to say as I had given hes enough samples. I opened my wallet and took out $2 and gave her $2. She took them , thanked me for seeing today and told me that she will give me my money as soon as she gets her pay check. next  week.
     I had forgotten about this incidence . A week went by and I did not hear from her . It was Wednesday and I had morning office. It is suppose to end by 11-30 , but it never does Usually goes till 1pm . As I was about to leave my secretory gave me an envelop , it was given to her by patient. I  opened it . It contained $2 and a thank you note.  I took it with me and left the office . As I got in the car I left the envelop on the front passenger seat of the car . When I go to the hospital I take a short cut through one of the plaza . So I have to slow down . As I was passing through , I saw a man waving at me . I stopped and opened the passenger side window . He came closer and said , "Excuse me Sir, I need to get a bus and I am short by 2 dollars Can you please give me 2 dollars?" I did not say a word . I picked up the envelop that  I  got earlier and gave it to him .

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