Sunday, February 26, 2012


    According to the Big Bang theory the universe was formed  from almost very tiny , extremely compacted matter. Almost a singularity. Also it is known from the observations of the various galaxies that the universe is expanding . When scientist Hubble looked at various galaxies through telescope , he realised that the galaxies that were  200 light years away from us  were moving at double the speed of the galaxies that were 100 light years away from us . this could be explained by the possibility that the universe was expanding. To understand this  one can look at the muffin with resins in it when it is in the Owen , how resins go apart . one can also put dots of ink on the balloon and then inflate the balloon and observe the dots go apart.  The dots that are one inch apart will move at half the speed of the dots that are 2 inch apart. It is thought that this expansion will go to it's maximum (?) expansion and then will --may be --start shrinking , finally to tiniest , dense. compact universe , where we started..
     Now if we look at the Hindu concept of the origin of the universe, it is about the same . The only difference is that in Hindu concept , this cycle of the expansion and shrinking has occurred in the past for infinite times and it will continue for infinite times. So at the End of one cycle every thing gets dissolved in to Singularity. and it is at peace . Then  at the time new universe is to form , there is a '"  Disturbance" in it , called GUNSHOBHINI").
All the 3 " GUNAS "- qualities, all the 5 " PRANAS" , 5 " PANCHMAHABHUTAS ", and rest of the things that go in making the universe start  coming   out..First creation is "AAKASH " " --the space , then comes "  "WAAU "--air or the wind , then comes the " TEJA", ---energy or the light , then"  AAP" -water or the liquid then lastly the " PRITHWI "---the earth or the solids.If we compaire  this with the origin of the universe according to the astrophysics , space is created( the Big Bang has to occur in the space ). Then there was gaseous form , then hydrogen molecules got together and helium was formed and the energy furnace was formed . Then compound s started forming --the liquid or the water, then came the solid or the earth.

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