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    I read an article in one of the Indian magazine , called EKATA . It had a commentary on some of the shlokas in Geeta , ,pertaining to the Holy war , following one's own religion and the doing Duty. This was in reference to the shlokas in Geeta , 2-31 and 3-35. I did not agree with the explanation  . So I am writing this blog . Though this is a commentary on Geeta , it still gives my understanding of the concept of religion , duty and to some extent Heaven and the holy war .
   In the chapter 2 , of Geeta, shlokas 31 to 39 deal with the concept of The Righteous Battle . So which battle is considered righteous ?I think everyone of thinks that his cause is 'eight' and the battle that he or she is fighting is 'righteous'. If we take an example of the battle between King Shiwaji and the Mogul king , both sides believed that their cause was just and the God will be on their side . If we talk about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict or Indian and British or any other conflict , each side believes in it's cause and thinks that it is a right cause and so it is Righteous battle . So who is right ?. In Mahabharata, Arjuna and Panda was were fighting to get back the land that they had lost and at least to casual observer , it can not be considered a Holy war . So then why would Lord call the war Righteous ?My explanation is different .
    I think when Lord Krishna is talking about the war (at Kurukshketra with the Kaurawas ), he is not talking about the war between the two sets of cousins . The Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that as  warrior (Kshatriya ) , he must fight as it is religion of the warrior to fight in the battle . In India or in Hindu  religion, there are 4 types of people .or called 4 Verna. These are Brahman ,Kshatriya , Vaishya and shudra . Theses are not based on where one is born , but bases on level of your soul development . or predominance of different Gunas , that is Satwic, Tamasic ,and Rajasic .But the war that the Kshatriya should 'fight' is not with the enemy outside , but within oneself . So the war with bad habits or desires , or the wasanas .The warrior is one who fights and has some victory in the battle . He has some control over his desires or wasanas . But then he feels lost , feels hopeless as he has not achieved the mastery or experienced the Bliss that comes with the victory . So now he is questing the 'wisdom ' of fighting . At this time the Lord reminds the warrior or the Devotee that it is his duty to fight . So the 'HOLY WAR ' is the war between the man and the desires , wasanas and not outside war .
   In the shloka 3-35, the lord talks about the own religion or duty , stating that even though , sometimes own religion appears deficient , and religion of other appears more attractive , one must follow his own religion . Certainly he is not talking about other religions, like Christianity, or Muslim or any other religion . We refer to religion in different ways . Sometimes  we say that the wood floats on the water , as that is it's property or the religion . But the Lord is not talking about the properties . So what is he talking about . What is the 'SWADARMA ' --own religion ?
   We are born of HIM , the lord . We have soul which is reflection of the Lord . But because of the attachment to the body , sense organs and our thinking that we are not the soul , but we are the body . So our Real Religion is to be with one , where we came from . , which is the LORD himself . Trying to achieve this Union with the Lord is not easy . and we may find lot of difficulties with giving up sense organ pleasures .It is not easy to wake up early and do meditation or avoid indulging in to the eating , drinking or sex etc . So the ' SWADHARMA ' is to be one with the LORD . The PARADHARMA or the other religion is to get indulge in the bodily pleasures . So when one does not have great or long lasting success in the Samadhi o, then he starts thinking that the other religion is better . So the Lord is stating that our own religion is always better than other religion
     The lord also states that if you die fighting the war , then you will go to heaven and if you win or are victorious, then you will enjoy the pleasures as if you are in heaven . If this true literary , then there is no difference in the thought process of the suicide /homicide -bomber . In that thought the bomber thinks that either way he is going to enjoy the heavenly pleasures. . So I do not think he ,the Lord is talking about this meaning..
   If one dies fighting , then he will continue to have impressions , left by the practice of meditation and he will be born with advanced ability . So he will be in the Heaven , If one successful in this life , then he will have the greatest pleasure . This one is everlasting  bliss. So it is better than being in the Heaven . So following own religion than other religion is always better .

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