Monday, May 27, 2013


    I was talking to some of my friends , that I have known for last 40 years or so . All of them are doctors . While talking to them I realized that none of them 'enjoy ' the practice of the medicine as much as they did several years .This may be due to government rules and regulations , which has increased over period of the time or may be high handedness of the insurance company or may be because of the hospitals gobbling the private practices or may be even due to the uncertainty that is brought in by the new Obama care . Whatever may be the reason , but there is less enjoyment in the practice of medicine . But then when I was thinking about it I realized that in life there is always less pleasure in doing things that gave us pleasure in past . One of the friends was also asking as to how many marriages are happy marriages. I asked him a question as to what is happiness ?He was not happy with the question as he could not answer . I was trying to point out that the pleasure does not come from the object out side .Let me explain . Let us say I enjoy eating pizza . So if I start eating it the first slice of pizza will 'give ' pleasure , when I eat second or third or tenth slice of pizza , the pleasure is not same .So if the pleasure is in eating pizza , then the amount of happiness that I get by eating pizza, should be same with first or tenth slice . Think about it , if pleasure is in having sex , then it should not matter if it is rape or regular encounter between husband and wife . (for that matter is the pleasure same comparing many years ago to now ?) So if the pleasure is outside us , then every one should enjoy or feel happy with any food at any time or having sex with any one or every one should enjoy all kind of music .So the source of happiness is in our mind and not in external source .So now we realize  that this the law of diminishing return . This is also seen in biology . If you stimulate a muscle then  response is less with successive stimulus . This is seen in every place in body , does not matter if we are talking about mind or body or may be even intellect .
      So if we talk about happiness , then we should be talking about our own mind and not he outside source . It reminds me of a story of a king . The king was sick . So several doctors came and tried to treat him . He did not get better . So then a saint came in . He talked to the king and realized that it was not a physical illness but mental illness. So he advised that if the king would wear a shirt worn by a 'happy 'man then he would be cured . So the king sent his soldiers to look for a happy man . They went house by house to look for the happy man . Every house had some problem. Someone had some cancer , blood pressure or diabetes . Some houses had problems with kids or parents or job . NO ONE WAS HAPPY . Finally in desperation they ended up going outside of the town . They found a man who was sitting on a big rock , looking over waters and enjoying the morning sun . The soldiers asked him if he was happy . He answered 'yes'  So  they took him to the king . The king asked him same question , if he was happy . He said yes . So then king asked him to give his shirt to him . The man answered 'he does not have a shirt , why do you need a shirt ?'
      So if you look for the happiness outside of you , then there is law of diminishing return .

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