Wednesday, May 22, 2013


     The other day I was with some friends and were trying to read one of old "sant literature " or for those who know , sant Tukaram gatha . This saint is from the Maharashtra state in India and has many stories . One of his creation is called Tukaram Gatha , which has several Abhang, which for many is worship of the God . Somehow we went in to discussion on why the scientists do not believe in the GOD, and then I started thinking . Many who call them self scientists do not want to believe in existence of God . So is believing in the GOD is not scientific or being believing in science means one has to atheist? I have heard several arguments and I thought of dealing with some of them .
    1 If GOD is kind and merciful , then how come who have problems , murders, wars car accidents and children getting killed and cancers and son and so for .There are 2 problems with this thinking, one is that when we assign the GOD with all these attributes, like kind and merciful and forgiving etc , we are making Him Human being .So if he has 'good ' qualities  like human beings , then he will also have 'bad ' qualities . Then we can't blame Him . Secondly 90 % of the bad things that happen are 'our' doings . The wars are caused by us and every other bad deeds are done by us and then we blame him .If we 'behave ' then many of the bad things will go away Will it eliminate sorrow from the world , no but it will be better. This is call free will . This leads to the law of karma . We make decision on our own and this freedom to make decision giver us our future , good or bad , in this life or next life or next and next .
    2 How come what we were taught in past about the earth , universe is proved to be wrong by science .The things that were  mentioned in so called religious books are not necessarily spoken by or written by the God . This what happens when we take 'literal' meaning of the things that are written in the scripture . Take for example the story of the Adam and Eve . They were happy till they broke the law /rule of the God .And the rule is not one that is 'don't kill ' or don't lie ' , but the rule was 'o not eat the fruit from an apple tree " At least to a casual reader or observer this looks like a rule that 'parents ' lay down , no explanation, but just "Do as I say ". Would the God make such a rule , which does not make any sense , nor there is any moral value to it , other than HE MADE THE RULE . So  how can we make any sense out of this story? The explanation that I have ( and I liked ), is as follows . The Garden of Eden is the human body and the real garden . The fruit tree that was in the middle of the garden is the sex pleasure or may be the engagement in sense organ indulgence. There is nothing that says that we should not 'enjoy ' the beauty of the great things that the God created . But when we indulge in it we commit 'sin'. When the Adam and Eve started engaging in the act of sex for no other reason than lust , then we are breaking the law set by the God . ( most of us do this on multiple occasions and human beings are the only animals that engage in the sexual activity at any time of life cycle ).If you notice , in the story after 'eating ' the apple, they were ashamed of their body and covered the body.
     There are many other similar explanation in the other areas of the scriptures . May be we can talk about other questionable or confusing statements .

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