Wednesday, June 19, 2013


       I tried to talk about some of the theory of the weight loss . Now we need to see how we can put these principles in practice , in our day to day practice . Let me tell couple of things before that . Let us say it is Thanks Giving and you start eating . .When you are finished you feel that you still can eat some more . But then you realize that you had looked at yourself in the mirror and wanted to start cutting back on the intake . So even though you could eat an extra piece of turkey ,you control the desire . But then 15-20 minutes pass by and now you feel that you have overeaten and your stomach is going to burst . So when you 'finished' eating , you did  not feel that full as much as you are feeling after 20 minutes . So what has happened ? This due to the satiety center . We have a center in the brain , that tells us that we are full . But it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the satiety center to  get stimulated . So we feel more full after about 20 minutes of finishing eating .This can be used to loose weight . So if we eat slowly , then we will feel full and not overeat ..
      One more point is that this center gets stimulate by stretching of the stomach . This sends a signal to the center and then we are suppose to stop eating . IT does not matter as to what stretches the stomach . So we can make use of these two facts . One we can fill  our stomach with low calorie food , like any vegetables like cabbage , cauliflower , broccoli , or carrots , and it will stretch the stomach muscles and we will feel full. Secondly if we eat slowly and allow the satiety center to get stimulated we can avoid the overeating .
      One more thing to make use in loosing weight . I call it area under the curve . Let me explain . If I start running , my metabolic rate will go up . It happens very quickly . and it will continue to be up as long as you continue to exercise . So say my metabolic rate is 40 ,and when we start exercise, it goes to 60 , ( 60 calories per hour ).So when we stop the exercise , the metabolic rate goes down . But it can not go down to 40 , as soon as we stop . But body continues to burn at higher rate , though slowly reducing too baseline  of 40 . So WE CONTINUE TO BURN AT HIGHER RATE EVEN WHEN WE STOP THE EXERCISE . This is bonus for our calories spending .
      We can make use of these facts in our plan to loos weight and get healthier .

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