Saturday, June 15, 2013


       I mentioned some of the things which are important in understanding how to loose weight ..The basic principle is that one has to take in less calories than what we spend . This is not as simple as it looks . One of the misunderstanding about the weight loss is about exercise .. When I see patients , common excuse is that I can not run or jog and so I can not spend enough calories .Let me make it very clear that if I run 1 mile or jog 1 mile or walk run mile , in all these cases I will spend the same calories . THE RUNNING DOES NOT SPEND MORE CALORIES provided the distance is same . The calories spent is related to the distance and not how quickly you do it . So if I run a mole , I will spend "X' calories , say in 10 minutes , I if I walk a mile in 20 minutes , then I would have still spent same 'X' calories. So someone is short of breath walking 1 mile , he can do the mile by walking 1/4th mile at a time 4 times a day , Then he would have spent same calories if he would have run one mile in 10 minutes .
      I am sure you  know someone , who eats more than what you do and still does not seem to gain weight .So then question arises , how come he or she does not gain weight and I gain eat , even when I eat 'hardly anything ' ?The answer is kind of mixed . Many a times I see people who claim to eat very little and exercise , and don't loose weight . On more questioning I realize that the 'very little ' that they eat is not that little or the exercise that they do is not that much or does not 'spend' the same calories , that they consume . Let me give an example . The 31 minutes of bicycling will burn same calories that one will get by eating 53 peanuts!!or how about eating 16 French fries will give same calories that you burn by doing 'housework ' for 90 minutes .There are more examples , but you get the point . IT IS SIMPLY NOT FARE !!. There are hidden calories in many things that we eat and don't realize .
    Let us assume that we are very careful and we eat exactly the same calories that this other 'lucky' person eats and we both do same exercise . But he or she does not gain weight and we do . The answer may be in the %body fat. Let me explain . You weigh 180lbs . and your friend weighs 180lbs You have % body fat of 30 % and your friend has % body fat of 20 %. Fat cells do not contribute much to basal metabolic rate . Our body has lot of water , but if we consider that both have same amount of water , than you have 70 % of cells that are burning calories and your friend has 80 % of the cells that are burning calories actively . So your basal metabolic weight is lower than that of your friend . Naturally he does not gain weight ,but you do . Remember that the muscles burn calories not fat . So more muscular one is , more calories he will burn . So TO LOOSE WEIGHT ONE MUST BUILD MORE MUSCLES . So even though the weight is same the ability to burn calories is different .
   So now the question is how do we burn more calories . The answer is simple . ONE HAS TO DO MORE CALORIE BURNING EXERCISE. If you walk , and walk for 30 minutes , but cover only a mile you may have to walk more distance to spend more calories than one who covers a mile in 15 minutes . So if you can not walk faster, then if you carry more weight , you will loose more calories . It takes more work or takes more calories for a 180lbs man to walk 1 mile than  that needed by 150lbs man to walk 1 mile . So if you carry with you more weight , 10lbs or more , you will burn more calories than if you just walk without those extra weights .
   Suppose you go to gym . and do the 'weights' .If you lift 5lbs of weight you will burn 'x' calories and if you lift 10lbs then you will  burn 2 x calories .But there is a limit as to how much can you lift with bicep curls . So the key to burn more calories is to lift more weight , and higher . If you do leg press , then I can bet you that you can lift significantly more weight than toy can do with biceps or deltoids . So even though good looking biceps are more appreciated as they are noticed that the quadriceps , it is more beneficial to do more leg press and burn more calories .

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