Friday, June 21, 2013


    I talked about the weight loss calories , intake , spending , exercise and more . So now the question comes up , how to make a use of it in day to day life .So let me state some of the ways to make use of this information .
   1. Check the weight and if possible BMI. Weighing daily is useful . It gives us reminder about our weight and BMI and make s try harder , So WEIGHT DAILY and at the same time with same clothes on .
   2.Buy a pedometer . Do an average of your activity for a week and then add to it a REASONABLE number of steps . Make it a point that you will not go to bed unless the goal is achieved . Say you decide that you want to add 5000 more steps a day , in addition to your usual steps . YOU MUST DO IT EVERYDAY AND NO EXCEPTION.
    3 . Walking is good and if you do it more than once a day , it is better , Every time you exercise your metabolic rate goes up and remains higher for longer time than the duration of exercise . So doing it 3 or 4 times is better . If you can run instead of walking , then do it , as with running your metabolic rate goes higher than walking . So one may run for one or two minutes , then walk for 2or 3 minutes , and repeat it for total of 20 minutes .
    4. One must do 3 types of exercises on a daily basis .This is more important for people over 40 , or people who have not done exercise for a longer time ..The stretching , cardio and weight training . The stretching must be done daily . The cardio could be done 3 or 4 times a day to get cardio benefit . But if you want to loose weight, then you must do it as many times a week as possible .
     5 Carry some extra weight, if you are just walking . Do more leg exercise with higher weight than doing arms . Try to build muscles ,as this will help you to burn more calories .
      6. There are many diets and each probably has something to offer . My suggestion is to follow the diet that you can continue for the rest of your life . my suggestions are here , But these are the basic principles .
       a. Eat at least 6 to 8  servings of fruits and vegetables . Keep in freeze some of them , like carrots , cauliflowers  or celery or whatever you like Eat it as many times as you can . You may eat them in significant amount , before you eat main food .
        b. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day . Drink a glass of water on waking up . You may want to drink a glass before you start .eating. The water and the vegetables with very little calories  , will stretch the stomach muscles and stimulate the satiety center and make you feel full .
       c. Try  to not eat simple carb .or pure sugars. These will  raise the blood sugar , which in turn will stimulate insulin secretion and that will create more fat . So check glycemic index of every food that you consume and either eat the one with low glycemic index or try to see if you can reduce the glycemic index . e.g the bagel  is high glycemic index food , but you can add peanut butter and lower the glycemic index .
       d.NO PROCESS FOOD . Avoid white rice , white bread, wheat pasta or white sugar , white potato . Brown rice , whole grain bread or pasta or sweet potato are better .
        e. I like to avoid animal proteins . Please see a DVD called Forks over knife.
       f . Please remember that 1 gram of carb is 4 calorie, 1 gram of protein is 4 calorie , but 1 gram of fat is 9 calorie . Soft drinks , sodas and alcohol are empty calories .   

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